Jersey Poff Obituary: Family mourns death of 11-year-old volleyball player in St Marys, Ohio

St. Marys – The passing of 11-year-old Jersey Poff, a vibrant 5th grader at St. Marys Intermediate School, has sent ripples of sorrow throughout the community. In this article, we commemorate the life of Jersey Poff, providing insights into the exceptional individual she was and the circumstances surrounding her untimely departure.

Jersey Poff, loving daughter of Allison and Jody Poff, was a bright presence in the hallways of St. Marys Intermediate School. Her character was defined by warmth and tranquility, endearing her to her school community. Beyond her role as a student, Jersey contributed to the school as the dedicated volleyball manager for the St. Mary’s Volleyball team.

Her favorite color, hot pink, mirrored her vibrant personality. Jersey possessed a remarkable ability to illuminate any room with her presence, and her zest for life was undeniably infectious. Whether she was gracing others with her trademark smile, sharing laughter, singing, dancing, or even engaging in a friendly wrestling match, Jersey left an indelible mark on the hearts of both staff and students at St. Marys Intermediate School, thanks in part to her unwavering faith.

The sudden and unexpected passing of young Jersey Poff has cast a profound sense of loss over the entire community. Jersey’s untimely demise resulted from a sudden illness, and as of now, the exact cause remains shrouded in uncertainty. We extend our heartfelt condolences to her parents, Allison and Jody Poff, as words cannot adequately convey the depth of sorrow we all feel upon hearing this devastating news.

The St. Marys Roughriders Volleyball Parents shared a heartfelt message on their Facebook page, inviting the community to honor Jersey:

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“Roughrider volleyball friends and families…As many have heard, Jersey Poff, a 5th grader, passed away today after a sudden illness. Jersey was a volleyball manager for our team. We are asking you to wear pink on Tuesday for the game in honor of Jersey. Anything pink would be appropriate and nice, a bracelet, T-shirt, ribbon, etc. But most of all, please pray for Jersey, her family, and the community. Please help spread the word to those who may not be on this page. Thank you!”

In memory of Jersey, a prayer gathering has been organized at Wayne Street Church, scheduled to take place from 10:00 AM.

The Poff family released the Jersey Poff’s obituary which is going to be held at Wayne Street Church, St. Marys, Ohio.

The sudden illness and unexpected passing of 11-year-old Jersey Poff have sent shockwaves through the entire community. She was the daughter of Jody and Allison Poff and was a beloved 5th grader at St. Marys Intermediate School. Jersey’s involvement as the volleyball manager for the St. Marys Volleyball team has left an indelible mark on her fellow students and teachers. The exact details surrounding her passing are yet to be disclosed. In response to this heart-wrenching loss, St. Marys schools issued a statement, saying:

“It’s hard to find the words and it’s with a very heavy heart that we share the passing of our sweet, 5th-grade student, Jersey Poff.

Jersey had a passion for life that was contagious and whether smiling, laughing, singing, dancing, wrestling, or sharing her unwavering faith, she touched all our staff and students. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Poff family, friends, staff, students, and everyone touched by Jersey’s incredible life.

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It will undoubtedly be a very tough week for the Roughrider community and schools, and we want everyone to know that we will have extra support staff available at school on Tuesday to help our students and staff. Please keep everyone in your prayers and hug your loved ones!”

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