Kalen Allen Will Be Featured As The Host Of “Snack On This!”

Snack on This!, a documentary reality series, will debut on the Cooking Channel on October 19 at 8 p.m. ET. The program will show viewers how sweets are produced behind the scenes. It will provide the audience an insight into the process of manufacturing their favorite treats. Kalen Allen from Discovery +’s Cakealikes will take over as host. The popular YouTuber has around 908K subscribers and is well-liked by many.

Press release from the Cooking Channel about Snack on This! reads:

“Snack on This! brings viewers behind the scenes to see how their favorite delicacies are prepared. This immersive series, hosted by Kalen Allen, explores inside factories making America’s favorite delicacies, exposing genesis tales and remarkable production feats about brands ranging from Jelly Bellies to Coca Cola.”

Ellen DeGeneres discovered the presenter of Snack on This! in 2018.

Kalen Allen is a multitasker who keeps himself active all day. He studies journalism at New York University and acting at the prestigious Julliard School. He presently lives in New York City, although he is originally from Kansas. The digital artist appears on Raised By Ricki, a podcast that examines pop culture from the 1990s as well as the current generation’s perception of culture. Ricki Lake and the presenter of Snack on This! appear on the podcast.

Kalen Allen

When Ellen DeGeneres saw one of his Kalen Reacts culinary videos, the award-winning actor, producer, musician, and TV personality became viral in 2018. He appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he and Ellen discussed his experience. Kalen Allen discussed his work, saying that the first video he created was when he found a humorous chip and wanted to shoot a response video for his buddies.

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He stated:

“So I held up my small phone and hit play and record. I revised it. I made it public. And then, when I went to bed that night, it had around 20 likes. The following morning, I awoke to find that I had over 6,000 followers on Twitter.”

Ellen played another of his response films for the crowd and asked him where he obtains such interesting meals to review. Kalen was a student at Tampa University at the time of his guest appearance and worked five jobs on the side to support himself. He was an Amazon Prime student brand ambassador as well as a front desk staff for the building he resided in. He worked on the marketing team for his college’s theater and film department and co-hosted Temple Chat, a campus talk program.

Kalen Allen 2

The presenter of Snack on This! defined himself as a conventional homestyle chef who dislikes adding additional flavor to his food and stated he creates a delicious Peach Cobbler. Ellen informed the artist that she thought he was amusing and wanted to work with him to produce more films like this. Kalen Allen has gone a long way since then and has been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show many times. He has been in several projects during his career and often attributes his success to Ellen. He will now host his first Cooking Channel program, Snack on This!, in which he will take viewers behind the scenes to demonstrate how their favorite snacks are prepared.

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