Joey Calcaterra Family: Is He Related To Grant Calcaterra? Relationship & Wiki

Joey Calcateraa and Grant Calcaterra have the same surname and are both athletes. As a result, many people wonder if Joey Calcaterra is related to Grant Calcaterra. Grant and Joey Calcaterra are two brilliant names who are trying hard to distinguish themselves in the sports industry.

Grant Calcaterra is a productive American football tight end who now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League (NFL). He played collegiate football at Oklahoma before transferring to SMU. Calcaterra opted to retire from football in November 2019 after sustaining many concussions throughout his collegiate career.

He subsequently declared his plan to return to football and transferred to Auburn University in 2020, however, he eventually opted not to participate due to health issues. The Philadelphia Eagles picked Grant in the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft with the 198th overall pick. The Eagles subsequently gave him a $3.8 million deal with a signing bonus of $174,142. In contrast, an American men’s basketball player is now enrolled at UConn. He played four years of collegiate football at the University of San Diego. Let us now investigate if Joey and Grant are linked via this article.

Is Joey Calcaterra a cousin of Grant Calcaterra? Are They Related?

Grant Calcaterra has no relation to Joey Calcaterra. Despite having the same last name and being athletes, they are not related. Joey was born Joseph Edward Calcaterra, while Grant does not have a middle name. Furthermore, the two sports celebrities hail from different sections of the United States and have distinct family histories.

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Joey Calcaterra

Grant Calcaterra was born in Cincinnati, while Joey Calcaterra was born in Novato. Furthermore, Joey Calcaterra and Grant Calcaterra are neither biologically or familially related. It’s only a coincidence that they share a last name. There is no confirmed tie between the two sportsmen, however it is possible that they have distant ancestors with the surname Calcaterra.

Joey Calcaterra’s Family Tree

Joey was born on October 15, 1998, in Novato, California, to parents who were exceedingly loving and supportive. He is Rich and Wendy Calcaterra’s adoring son. Joey Calcaterra’s parents have supported their son’s professional development and are delighted to see him succeed. Furthermore, the basketball player comes from a caring and supporting family. Joey is not only a loving son, but also a supportive and compassionate brother of two. Nick Calcaterra and Frank Calcaterra are his two older brothers. Both of his brothers play basketball, and the Calcaterra family is very close. While Nick attends San Francisco State, Frank attends Cal Lutheran.

Grant Calcaterra Family Tree

Grant Calcaterra, the tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, comes from a nice and supportive family as well. On December 4, 1998, he was brought into this world by compassionate and encouraging parents in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Chris and Diane Calcaterra are Grant Calcaterra’s parents. His parents are from California, and his father, Chris, is the chief executive officer of Glaukos Corporation.

Grant Calcaterra

His parents married on November 5, 1988, and they have been together ever since.  In addition, the football star grew up with two brothers and one sister. Andrew, Nick, and Claire are his siblings. The Calcaterra siblings are encouraging of one another’s careers and excel in their different industries.

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