Isabella Guzman Mum, Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Story, Mother

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Isabella Guzman Mum, Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Story, Mother

Isabella Guzman Mum, Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Story, Mother – An American woman named Isabella Guzman, 28, rose to fame after killing her mother, Yun Mi Hoy, in 2013. At their Aurora, Colorado, home, she stabbed her mother 79 times in the face, neck, and chest. She was sent to a mental health facility after being judged not guilty due to insanity.

Isabella Guzman Mum, Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Story, MotherIsabella Guzman Mum, Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Story, Mother

In 2020, she requested her release, claiming that she had been cured of schizophrenia. Following the viral success of a video of her smirking in court, she has amassed an odd fan base on TikTok.

Yun Mi Hoy’s Murder

In their bathroom on August 28, 2013, Isabella Guzman fatally killed her mother. When her stepfather heard screaming, he discovered Guzman holding a knife over the body of her mother. She sprinted away as he attempted to stop her. He reported the crime to 911 by dialing.

Yun Mi Hoy was discovered by the police lying in a pool of blood with 79 stab wounds. They also discovered Guzman’s “You will pay” message. Guzman was sought after, and she was taken into custody the next day in a parking lot.

What happened to the mother of Isabella Guzman?

In 2013, 19-year-old Isabella Guzman killed her mother by stabbing her repeatedly. She allegedly used a kitchen knife to attack her mother in the bathroom of their Aurora, Colorado, home. In her face, neck, and chest, she stabbed her 79 times. Her father saw the heinous event and attempted to stop her, but she escaped the home.

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She was subsequently detained and accused of first-degree murder. She was, nonetheless, adjudicated insanity-related not guilty and confined to a mental hospital for treatment. Although the reason for the murder is still unknown, some reports claim she had schizophrenia and a tense connection with her mother.

Where is Isabella Guzman Now?

2013 saw the conviction of Isabella Guzman for the murder of her mother. While her stepfather stared helplessly, she stabbed her mother 79 times in the face and neck.

She was committed to a mental hospital for treatment after being adjudged not guilty due to insanity. As of 2023, she was still there, and nobody knows how she is doing. She may spend the rest of her life in the hospital because she has not been allowed parole or freedom.


Isabella Guzman entered a plea of not guilty due to insanity. After a mental examination, schizophrenia was identified as her condition. She insisted that she was unaware that her mother was her mother and that Cecelia, a lady she believed was trying to end the world, was the person she was killing.

She was sentenced to stay in the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo until she posed no threat to herself or others after the judge accepted her plea. He added that if she made progress, she might be eligible for discharge.

Isabella Guzman submitted a petition for parole in November 2020, claiming that she was taking medication and that her sanity had returned. She also claimed that her family, who were Jehovah’s Witnesses, had mistreated her for years and had rejected her because she had converted to another faith.

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A video of Isabella Guzman’s 2013 court appearance reappeared on TikTok around the same time and quickly gained popularity. As the judge read the charges against her, Guzman was seen grinning and making faces in the footage. She appealed to many TikTok users, who also sympathized with her. Some even created memes and fan art for her.

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Isabella Guzman Mum, Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Story, Mother

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