Is Officer Frank Sloup Fired? What happened with him?

In the realm of law enforcement, officers are often hailed as the guardians of justice and community safety, tasked with upholding the law and protecting their communities. However, not all officers enjoy a positive reputation, and some find themselves mired in controversy.

One such contentious figure is Officer Frank Sloup, whose recent appearance in the weekly video series “Fridays With Frank,” produced by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, has stirred public outrage and concern, sparking a significant controversy within the law enforcement community.

This article delves into the allegations against Officer Frank Sloup and the circumstances that led to his dismissal from two previous law enforcement agencies. To provide context, it’s crucial to examine the sequence of events that culminated in his current situation.

Officer Frank Sloup currently serves as a member of the Traffic Unit and holds the position of Assistant Sniper Team Leader/Operator on a Regional SWAT Team within the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout his tenure as a law enforcement officer, Sloup has assumed various roles and responsibilities, including Advanced Diver in Lake Patrol/Search and Rescue, Firearms/Tactical Rifle Instructor, Lead Vehicular Crimes Investigator, Patrol Sergeant, and Lake Patrol Sergeant.

However, Officer Sloup’s notoriety stems from his involvement in the YouTube series “Fridays With Frank,” which was created and promoted by his own agency, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

What raises the most concern is Officer Frank Sloup’s history of dismissal, resignation, or separation from not one, but two different law enforcement agencies in the state before finding a role with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. The reasons behind these departures are deeply troubling.

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Of particular significance is Sloup’s inclusion on the Brady List, a compilation of law enforcement officers with credibility and integrity issues. Such inclusion raises serious questions about an officer’s suitability for the job, as it is typically reserved for those whose credibility may be called into question during court proceedings. This designation carries significant implications for an officer’s career and reputation.

The Brady Offense No. 1632168525 – 1704088618, dated October 16, 2017, pertains to Frank Sloup’s tenure at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, casting a shadow of doubt on his professional integrity and conduct.

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