Ian Price dies due to dog attack in Stonnall; Mauled to death by XL Bully dogs

Stonnall, West Midlands – The victim of a horrifying dog attack that occurred on September 14, 2023, in Stonnall has been identified as 52-year-old Ian Price. The community is in mourning as details of the brutal mauling, which claimed his life, continue to emerge.

Ian Price’s identity was confirmed by authorities, who also released a photograph of him to the public. The incident unfolded when he was violently attacked by two ‘XL Bully’ dogs, resulting in his tragic death.

In the wake of this shocking incident, the Stonnall community, as well as Ian Price’s family and friends, are grappling with grief and disbelief over the loss of a loved one in such a tragic manner.

Chris Brack shared a facebook post about Ian Price, he  stated that:

“Ian Price… latest victim, in 2023 UK, of being slowly ripped to death by dogs (coz ‘mauling’ doesnt really do the terror of the attack justice). It’s mad as f*ck that in the modern day, here in the UK, we have people actually being killed by dogs. Dogs who serve no other purpose than status symbols of aggression.

“I’ve seen videos of people being killed by dogs. They are not fun to watch. Its burst of brutal aggression ripping through skin and muscle, compression to break bones, and bouts of holding… then tearing.. designed to rip the victim. All the while this is a human being losing a life and death fight to an animal. Some say its not the dog, its the owner… but that’s not entirely true. Dog breeds have genetic traits, they are then bred to reinforce those traits. THEN they fall into the hands of the wrong people. I’m not for banning stuff, but something has to change, because we shouldnt be having people savaged and murdered by dogs in this day and age.”

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The horrifying attack prompted immediate action from law enforcement. As the attack was unfolding, police took precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the community, including preventing children from leaving school during the incident. Witnesses reported several brave individuals attempting to intervene and rescue Mr. Price from the vicious dogs.

The tragic death of Ian Price serves as a stark reminder of the importance of public safety and responsible pet ownership. Investigations into the circumstances surrounding the dog attack are ongoing, as the community seeks answers and closure in the wake of this devastating loss.

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