How to Contact Facebook Support: A Detailed Guide


  • To contact Facebook, make sure you’re signed in to your Facebook account. Next, from the home page, you need to click on the question mark from the top right corner of the screen and use “Report a problem”. But this option can be quite slow.
  • It is difficult to contact Facebook by phone because most calls for customer service are avoided by the company
  • You may not receive the expected response to your email. You can submit questions, concerns or problems, but answers are not guaranteed.
  • There is a lot of spam available on the web claiming to offer Facebook customer support by phone or chat. But believing in bling-folds can cost you data and money
  • The most trusted platform is the Facebook Help Center page because it connects you directly with the company.

We all feel in touch with Facebook from time to time. The reason for contacting may be different for each of you and therefore requires specialized assistance.

Here in this post, we will introduce you to the different Facebook support options available for users to contact the help center.

So go through all of FB’s contact platforms and choose the one that works best for you.


Login and Password: Here you can find solutions to your password related queries. Also, if you can’t login to your FB account. This section may give you a solution.

Account security: keeping your FB account secure is very important to reduce data risk. There are many security features offered by Facebook. To improve the security of your account or add an extra layer of protection, try this section. Changing your FB password is the best way to secure your account.

Account Disabled: If your account has been disabled due to ineligibility, try this support link and let the support center help you. You may need to provide identity verification or a copy of your ID proof.

Account Locked: If your account has been temporarily locked, you must visit this support link to unlock your Facebook account.

Account disabled due to underage: A person must be at least 13 years old to create a FB account. But if your account is disabled due to underage, you must check your eligibility criteria and verify your age.

Impersonated accounts: If you come across a Facebook account that appears to be impersonating someone else, you can report it to Facebook. For the full process, use this section.

My personal account has been memorialized: If your FB account is mistakenly memorialized by Facebook, simply ask Facebook to review and reactivate your account.


Accessibility: Facebook is always trying to help users who are having trouble accessing their Facebook account for whatever reason. In addition, in this section you can also find out the full list of features for people with disabilities, vision loss, deafness and other topics.

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Restricted Access (Poor IP): If your IP (Internet Protocol) address is causing problems accessing your Facebook account, this section is meant to help and support you. Regarding frequently receiving messages from FB to a misconfigured ISP, you can report it to this section.

Download Personal FB Information: If you want to access and download your personal photos, posts, feelings and comments, use the Access Your Information tool. This page includes all the details regarding accessing or downloading your information stored in the FB server.

Accessibility for people with disabilities: If you want to know about assistive technology specifically for people with disabilities, this Facebook enablement section is what you need. You can get help from any form of assistive technology like NVDA, TalkBack, Voice Assistant, Voice Over, Window-Eyes, Dragon NaturalSpeaking, etc.


Pending ad preview: If the ad you posted is pending for more than 24 hours.

Ad Preferences: If you want to manage your ads in a better way by adding or removing preferences, you can get help here.

Claiming Payment: If you are looking for support for specific ad fees, ad management, coupons and other payment related options, this is the best platform to get support reliable.

Block or hide ads: Viewing Facebook ads is entirely your choice, and if you want to specifically hide it, just get help from this section. You will be supported step by step here.

Facebook Ads Manager: It’s basically a tool that guides you through the process of creating and managing ads. Plus, you’ll get complete information about running ads across FB, Instagram, Messenger, and audience networks.


Report abuse: If you want Facebook to review something and take action against it, you can use FB’s “report abuse” feature. The appropriate option will be taken for this problem. Abuse content will be verified by the team and further removed if necessary.

Report a problem with Facebook: If Facebook starts responding in a weird way or you see something unusual with your FB account, you can simply report the problem to Facebook.

Report a privacy violation: If you feel that your privacy on Facebook has been violated on FB, you need to report it to Facebook immediately. You can report any post, photo, video or other media in case of a privacy violation.

Hacked or faked accounts: If you want to report hacked or compromised accounts to FB, this section is for you. In case someone else has accessed your account or impersonated you on FB, you must take your issue to the FB group.

Death and disability:

Managing a deceased account: If your Facebook learns that a user has passed away, FB will change it to a memorialized account where all friends and family can share their memories. In addition, those accounts are saved separately so that no one can log into the deceased person’s account.

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Legacy contact: If you are the legacy contact of a memorialized account, you can manage the deceased person’s account. But you will only be able to pin a post, reply to a new request, update the profile picture.

Request Deletion: You can help FB delete your loved one’s account. But for this you need to provide the necessary documents to confirm the relationship with the deceased. You will get the perfect explanation for this topic in this section.

Request content from the deceased person’s account: Here you can get a form to request content for the deceased person’s account. You need to show government proof to get data from a dead person’s FB account.

Log in:

Sign in error: If you get the message “You must be logged in to view this page error”, you need to go to this page and fill out the form you see on the page and attach a screenshot with the form.

Sign-in issue: If you can’t log in to your Facebook homepage, you need to notify FB of the problem. Report to FB using this page and provide the necessary details to get support.

Login Prevent Security Check: In case your FB security check keeps preventing you from logging in to your FB account, you can notify FB using this form.


Problems with Facebook on mobile: People who are unable to use Facebook on their mobile device can report it to FB.

Add a mobile number to your FB account: Adding a mobile number to your FB account can improve the security of your account, you can see the full instructions here.

Username and Username:

Change your language-specific name: If you’re using a language-specific name for your FB account, you’ll need to verify its authenticity, and that can be done here.

Unaccepted Name: In case you are unable to sign up for FB, make sure you are using your real name. Fill out the form, so you can get help from the experts.

Change your name: Facebook may suspend your account for not using your real name, so make sure you sign up with your real name, but if you’ve already created a FB account with your preferred name If you like, you can change that name at any time using this help.

Payments and fees on Facebook:

Billing support: Business account users, can use this page to get help with Billing with ads, promoted ads, games, gifts, donations and resource purchases news feed.

Subscribe to Developer Payouts: To receive payments on FB using other apps, register yourself using this help page.

Pictures and videos:

Something went wrong (pictured): You can easily report if you see something wrong on FB or give general feedback or suggestions with this section.

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Remove photos: If you find any images that you don’t want to share on FB or have privacy issues, you can report them to the FB help center for a proper solution.

Request removal of video: If you find a video that violates your privacy concerns, report it to Facebook using this link. Choose the correct reason and send it to FB.

Problems with webcam video: Report a problem with webcam video, from this page. Just provide the necessary details to get the best help

Copyrights and trademarks

Copyright report form: This form can help you report something that you’ve noticed is actively violating your copyright terms. You must describe the problem with a valid reason.

Trademark Complaint Request Form: If FB removes something from your account due to a trademark, but you disagree with the decision, you can file a complaint with Facebook using this section.


Child data request: If your child has already created a FB account and you want the data before the account is deleted, you can use this help page.

Data usage policy questions: those who want details about Facebook’s data policy or Facebook’s agreement with TRUSTe.

Official FB Help Center:

FB users can connect directly to the support platform using the Facebook community forum.

Using it is quite simple, just open the Forum link from your browser. You will see a search box on top.

Use the search bar to ask for what you’re looking for, you’ll find many similar queries. If there are any closely related topics that are still active you can post your question details in the same thread but if there is no such discussion you can create a new thread using the “Ask a question” button.

Also, people who consider themselves proficient enough to be experts on the FB community and claim to be experts by replying to posted threads

Official Facebook pages:

You can find some official Facebook pages. These pages will answer your questions and post great FB updates.

Here is a list of sites that can help you in another way:

Facebook: The official Facebook page is always ready to help, guide, support you and update on various topics.

Facebook for business: Facebook for business is the perfect place for people with business goals to get help and guidance.

Facebook and privacy: This FB page is intended to help users with privacy issues. You will learn about your rights to privacy and other relevant information.

Facebook Communications: Here you can learn how most media organizations and public figures use Facebook.

Facebook Developers: Get a new app and monetize it with Facebook.


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