How Rich Is Choo Sung-hoon? MMA Star Appear As A Contestant On “Physical 100”

Yoshihiro Akiyama, or Choo Sung-hoon, a Korean-Japanese Judo and MMA star, is one of the 30 remaining players in Netflix’s reality survival series, the Korean Physical 100. since its launch, with fans comparing it to a mix of Squid Game and Ninja Warrior. The series is coming to an end, with episodes 7 and 8 set to premiere on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. It is not yet known who will be crowned the final strongest individual of them all. The grand prize winner will receive 300 million KRW ($240,000).

Meet MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon, who was named the “most popular” player on Netflix’s Physical 100.

Physical: Hundreds Choo Sung-Hoon is the most popular among the 100 contestants of the reality show. Yoshihiro Akiyama is the native name of the Korean Judo and MMA star, he is 47 years old. Yoshihiro Akiyama, commonly known as “Sexyama,” was born on July 29, 1975 in Osaka, Japan. His Korean heritage places him in the fourth generation of Japanese and he was granted Japanese citizenship in 2001.

Choo Sung Hoon is a 3rd Dan Judo Black Belt and has trained in wrestling, karate, boxing, wrestling and kickboxing. Choo Sung-hoon won gold medals in Judo at the 2002 Asian Games and 2001 Asian Championships. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the One Championship star is worth $4 million.

Choo Sung Hoon

Choo Sung-hoon made his professional MMA debut in December 2004 defeating Francois Botha. Akiyama beat Amir Sabellah in September 2014, improving his record to 14-5. Choo Sung-hoon is a three-time Fight of the Night competitor for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and a former K-1 HERO Lightweight Grand Prix Tournament champion.

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Since 2009, Choo Sung-hoon has been married to Japanese model Shiho Yano. Choo Sarang is their daughter’s name. This is not the first time he has appeared on a reality TV show. He previously appeared in The Return of Superman alongside his daughter. The show features famous fathers who take care of their children by themselves, something that is different from their usual routine. Choo Sung-hoon also won gold medals for South Korea at the 2001 Asian Judo Championships and Japan at the 2002 Asian Games, and he signed with ONE Championship.

The fashion athlete has her own clothing brand, Sung 1975. The online store sells t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. On his arm, he has a tattoo of the brand’s name. Akiyama is one of 30 people still there at this point. When he’s not filming reality shows, “Sexyama” is a complete monster in the circle. Dangerous judoka is known for regularly engaging in exciting fights and has a strong MMA record of 16-7-2. Last year, he beat fellow great Shinya Aoki by technical knockout at ONE:X.

Summary of episode 6 of Physical 100 and the broadcast schedule of the next episodes

Following the events of episode 5, Physical 100 episode 6 continues the story by introducing 5 new contestants. In addition to the five winning teams, another team was formed with the returnees Kim Sang-wook, Lee Jun-myeong, Choi Sung-hyuk, Seong Chi-hyun and Sim Eu-ddeum.

Choo Sung Hoon

After identifying six winning teams, Episode 6’s third mission was announced. To complete the third task, each team was asked to join another group that they felt would help them win. Six of the 30 survivors formed a partnership to build what they thought would be the best team to face in the third round. Three groups of 10 competitors were formed as a result of the merger. The difficult challenge of the third mission is towing a ship weighing 1.5 tons. The team that gets the ship to the finish line in the shortest amount of time wins the race. The first team completed the task in the final seconds of episode 6, while the second team failed to do so.

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In episodes 7 and 8 that will premiere on Netflix on Tuesday, February 14, 2023, viewers will know which team won the third mission and which ten contenders were eliminated from Physics 100. will air at 12am PDT, 3am EDT (US), 5am Brazil time, 8am UK time, 9am CEST, 1:30pm IST, 7pm Australian time and 9pm New Zealand time.

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