Park Eun-bin Has Been Cast In A New Rom-Com Series “Dive of the Deserted Island”

Park Eun Bin, famous for King’s Affection and Extraordinary Lawyer Woo, has been cast in a new romantic comedy. Dive of the Deserted Island is a literal translation of the title of the series. The news has attracted a lot of interest because of the partnership between the 30-year-old actress and the show’s director and writer. Director Oh Choong-hwan and screenwriter Park Hye-ran’s previous works include While You Were Sleeping (2017) and Start-Up (2020), two of the most successful Korean dramas. These two series are often recommended for newcomers to the world of Korean drama because they are well written, interesting, and an excellent introduction to the genre. The collaboration of the director-screenwriter team with one of today’s most popular actresses has caused a positive response.

Production on Park Eun-bin’s upcoming romance film Kakao will begin in the first half of 2023.

Park Eun-bin will appear in a new romantic comedy. The Critics’ Choice Award winner began her career as a child actor and has starred in films such as Hello, My Twenties!, Do You Like Brahms?, and Hot Stove League. Her best known TV series are the Netflix original Extraordinary Lawyer and the Emmy Award winning historical work The King’s Affection.

Park Eun Bin

After two consecutive successes, actress Woo Extraordinary Lawyer will appear in an upcoming Kakao romance film. The film’s premise, Diva of the Deserted Island, seems to symbolize a return to the traditional narrative of ‘the alien’s experience in today’s world’ (The Legend of the Blue Sea, My Love) From the Stars). Park Eun-bin will play Seo Mok-ha, a woman who aspires to be a singer but is stranded on an isolated island for 15 years. Her rescue after more than a decade means she now has to live in an unfamiliar environment she’s not familiar with. She still aspires to be a singer and embarks on the arduous but essential path without giving up hope.

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The drama, which will be directed by Oh Choong-hwan and written by Park Hye-ryun, has captured viewers’ interest. The character Seok Mok-ha will introduce the audience to a new side of actress Park Eun-bin. This is a departure from her previous roles as a king and a lawyer with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Meanwhile, Chae Jong-hyeop is said to be in talks for the male lead, Bo-geol. If Diva of the Deserted Island is approved, it will mark his reunion with Park Eun-bin. The two collaborated on the 2019 TV series Hot Stove League. They were not romantic protagonists, but the actor played a supporting role. The program is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2023.

Park Eun Bin

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo, Park Eun-most bin’s recent film, has brought her numerous awards.

While the 30-year-old actress has won several awards for her previous dramas, including Do You Like Brahms?, The Iron Empress, and Hot Stove League, Extraordinary Attorney Woo has become a movie her most award winning. Woo Young-woo, a lawyer with Asperger Syndrome, is played by Park Eun-bin in the movie. Despite the film’s controversies, the audience was amazed at the actress’s abilities. This earned her the daesang (grand prize) at the Korea Drama Awards, the Critics’ Choice Awards’ Rising Star Award for TV and the Asia Content Awards’ Best Actor, among many others.

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