Han Seo Hee Was Recently Sentenced To 1.5 Years In Jail For Illegal Drug Usage

Han Seo Hee was charged by the Suwon District Court for taking psychotropic medications while on probation in her previous case. When she was arrested for marijuana usage in 2016, she was already facing narcotics charges. She was sentenced to four years probation for the same offense. The former trainee was also seen hurling profanities before the court following the verdict in November 2021, when she was arrested for flight risk. The infamous K-pop trainee was sentenced to one year and six months in jail for unlawful drug crimes. She was already on probation when she was charged with using psychoactive chemicals such as methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Han Seo Hee Charges

Han Seo Hee was charged in 2016 with allegations of acquiring marijuana four times and using marijuana seven times in her house in Jung-gu, Seoul. In 2017, she was sentenced to three years in jail, suspended for four years, a fine of 870,000 won, four years of probation, and 120 hours of drug treatment programs. She tested positive for psychotropic substances during her probation term in July of last year and was held at the probation office.

Han Seo Hee

She claimed there was a mistake in the urine test at the time and was given a hair test at the National Forensics Institute. The hair test was negative, and she was permitted to keep her probation. However, Han Seo Hee was subsequently charged with possession of methamphetamine by the prosecution.

She pled not guilty, claiming that her cup had fallen in the restroom during the test, rendering the results unreliable. The judge in Han Seo Hee’s case said after the verdict that her claims were invalid since the quantity of metamphetamine detected in the cup was more than 300 nanograms, according to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation’s test findings.

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According to Judge Kim,

“It’s difficult to assume that the water supply contains enough amphetamine to interfere with Han Seo Hee’s test results.”

During suspended sentence, drug medication Han Seo Hee (former trainee) was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison. .. ..

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— KpopCeleb (@kpopceleb) July 28, 2022

Judge Kim further found that since she was the only woman present at the time of the pee test, her argument that her test result had been mingled with other persons could not be accepted.

According to the Suwon District Court verdict, which was affirmed by the Supreme Court:

“the defendant refuses to consider the illegality of her actions and continues to make illogical claims.”

Fans Respond to Judge Decisions

Fans applauded the Supreme Court’s decision to imprison the ex-trainee for the crimes he committed. She has also upset K-pop fans by circulating rumors about many K-pop stars. Han Seo-hee has a contentious background in the K-pop music business. When she originally started with JYP Entertainment, she was one of the most promising K-pop trainees, however, she subsequently quit for unspecified reasons. She was also supposed to make her debut with G-Friend, however, she did not. Han also failed to make her debut with the K-pop girl group Gugudan and was in the spotlight for quitting multiple agencies for personal reasons before purportedly signing with YG Entertainment.

Han Seo Hee

She was then entangled in a series of feuds and scandals that rocked the K-pop industry, earning her a legendary reputation. Her most well-known incidents include getting detained for consuming marijuana with BIGBANG’s T.O.P. and her role in the drug controversy involving IKON’s B.I. Over the years, the former trainee has sparked controversy by spreading stories about K-pop stars, most of which have proved to be incorrect.

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