George Atkins, Legendary Flag Marshal of Swaffham raceway, passes away: Obituary

The motorsport community is in mourning following the unexpected passing of George Atkins, a legendary flag marshal renowned for his dedication and commitment to the sport. George Atkins, who devoted his life to marshaling at Swaffham Raceway in Swaffham, England, since its inception in 1975, passed away on Wednesday, leaving a void that will be challenging to fill. The circumstances surrounding his death remain undisclosed as his family grapples with the heart-wrenching news.

Oval TV Swaffham, an integral part of the motorsport scene, expressed their profound sadness over George Atkins’ passing, acknowledging his significant contributions: “With great sadness, George Atkins, the legendary flag marshal, has passed away on Wednesday. A true friend will be missed but will never be forgotten.” The motorsport community extends their thoughts and prayers to his friends, family, and colleagues during this difficult time.

Stevie Jubey shared,

Todays I heard the sad news that George Atkins had passed away.I met George at swaffham raceway who was a Marshall at the track and I was a photographer there.He was such a laugh.He had a stupid sense of humour like me and we would talk absolute nonsense at every meeting.For some reason he called me badger.Actually he called a lot of people badger along with fox, weasel and stoat.We would shout at the passing race drivers drivers “go on badger”Like I said we talked nonsense.He would always say to me “oh I’m glad your here, we have a laugh don’t we” and put his arm around me.I always thought that was really sweet.He has been marshalling at Swaffham raceway since it opened in 1975 and seen many promoters come and go.But even well after he passed retirement age he was still there at Swaffham Raceway with a smile on his face and waving those flags come rain or shine.I only knew him for the last for the last few years of his life but I can honestly say it was a pleasure to have known him and to call him my friend.I will miss you George.Make sure you keep waving them flags up there and don’t take any nonsense from them drivers.Until we meet again you absolute legendYour friendSteve the Badger

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George Atkins was an avid motorsports enthusiast, his passion for the sport ignited in 1975 when Swaffham Raceway first opened its gates to racing aficionados. He seized the opportunity to become a track marshal, showcasing unwavering dedication and an innate understanding of the motorsport world. Throughout his career, George played a vital role in ensuring the safety and smooth operation of races at Swaffham Raceway.

CG Race Videos also paid tribute on facebook,

Hi I’v had permission from the family to let me put this up to let you all knowWith great sadness 😢 George Atkins the legendary flag marshal has passed away on Wednesday. A true friend will be missed but we’ll never be forgotten. He started marshaling when swaffham raceway first started back in 1975.

His wealth of knowledge and expertise made him a respected authority figure, both among fellow marshals and racers. George Atkins’ steadfast commitment to motorsport and his role as a marshal greatly contributed to the prosperity of Swaffham Raceway over the years. He became an indispensable part of the venue’s extensive history.

Details regarding George Atkins’ obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared by the family at a later date, allowing the community to pay their respects and honor the life of a legendary flag marshal who made an indelible mark in the world of motorsports.

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