Erica Delgado obituary: Twirler & University of Michigan Alum passes away in Los Angeles, CA

The University of Michigan community is mourning the unexpected loss of Erica Delgado, a cherished alum and twirler from 2005-2008, who passed away in Los Angeles, California. The heartbreaking news was confirmed by the U-Mich Band Alumni Association (UMBAA) on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023. Erica’s sudden departure has left her friends, family, and the entire community in deep sorrow, and they are held in the thoughts and prayers of all who knew her.

Although the cause of Erica Delgado’s passing remains undisclosed at this time, her family has confirmed the devastating news. Erica’s absence will be profoundly felt, especially within the twirler section and the Michigan Marching Band (MMB), where her talent and dedication shone brightly.

UMBAA, while announcing Erica’s passing, expressed their profound sadness, remembering Erica not only as an outstanding twirler but also as a person of immense kindness, warmth, and authenticity. Both on and off the field, Erica was a shining example, captivating audiences with her incredible twirling skills and leaving a lasting impression with her genuine and gentle nature. Her contributions to the university’s band community were immeasurable, enhancing the experiences of all who had the privilege of knowing her.

As the University of Michigan comes to terms with this tragic loss, the legacy of Erica Delgado will continue to live on, not only in the memories of those she touched but also in the spirit of kindness and dedication she exemplified during her time with the university’s marching band.

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