Eric Tomko of Bensalem, PA died due to motorcycle accident on Rt. 72

Woodland Township, NJ – The community is reeling from the tragic loss of 47-year-old Eric Tomko, a resident of Bensalem, who was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident in Woodland Township. The devastating crash occurred on Route 72 at around 8:50 p.m., leaving friends and family in shock and mourning.

According to New Jersey State Police Sgt. Philip Curry, Eric Tomko was traveling east on Route 72 when a tragic collision unfolded. A Chevrolet Silverado, traveling west, attempted to make a left turn onto County Route 532 and collided with Tomko’s motorcycle. The impact was severe, ejecting Tomko from his bike. Tragically, the motorcycle continued its path and intersected with a Ford Escape that was trailing the Chevy. The collision with the front passenger side of the Ford marked the heartbreaking end of Eric Tomko’s life.

Chuck Ratkay shared a facebook post, in which she showed her condolences for Eric Tomko. She stated that:

Just found out that Eric Tomko has passed away in a motor vehicle accident. Eric, the kid from up the street (the white car above his left shoulder is in his parents driveway). My first friend in High School after moving to Lawrenceville, the guy through whom I met everybody else I knew. Eric, the guy who didn’t make fun of my accent UNTIL AFTER I LOST IT, but then he made sure I knew how funny I sounded 🙂 .We drifted apart after High School, but I never forgot the times we had . So many parties, oh so many blurry memories.Dammit.My heartfelt condolences to your family, Eric.I think the picture is from 9th or 10th grade.

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First responders rushed to the scene, but it was determined that Eric Tomko had passed away at the site of the accident. The incident remains under investigation as authorities work to piece together the details surrounding this heart-wrenching tragedy.

As the community comes to terms with this sudden and profound loss, friends and family are left with a heavy heart, and thoughts are with Eric Tomko’s loved ones during this difficult time. Further information regarding Eric Tomko’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be made available by the family in due course.

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