Ekin-Su And Davide Have Been Crowned Love Island Uk’s Favorite Pair And Winner

After more than a month of broadcasting, Love Island UK has finally declared its winner. Ekin-Su and Davide have been named the nation’s favorite pair and the winners of the well-deserved £50,000 cash award. The last episode, however, had a surprise.

In the finale, presenter Laura Whitmore declared that the winner of the program would not be able to take all of the money for the first time ever. The victorious pair will have to divide the $100,000 award with their companions this year. The surprise conclusion shocked viewers who had been waiting until the finale to see whether the victorious pair would split or take the money, implying whether they were on Love Island UK for love or for money.

What occurred on the last episode of Love Island UK?

The islanders were invited to a Love Island 2022 Summer Ball in the last episode, where they performed salsa and shared their emotional confessions with one another before presenter Laura Whitmore declared the winner of the show. However, before making the news, she disclosed:

“Who will be proclaimed Love Island 2022’s winner? The lucky pair will get a massive £50,000 prize!”


She then went on to disclose the show’s twist:

“And this year, we’re not even asking them to pick between love and money, but who the winning pair is is all up to you.” Our couples will be £50,000 wealthier!”

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Finally, presenter Laura announced the following results:

  • Winner: Fan-favorite Ekin-Su and Davide
  • Runner-up: Gemma Owen and Luca Bish
  • Third Place: Indiyah Polack and Dami Hope
  • Fourth Place: Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page

“NO SPLIT OR STEAL?”: Love Island UK cash prize surprise disappoints fans

The program premiered on ITV2 on June 6, 2022, with 36 islanders yearning for love. After eight weeks of eliminations, fans were excited to see who would be named champion and if they would divide or take the money in the finals. Given this, the new regulation proved to be a letdown for spectators. Here are some Twitter replies to the same:

Wow so no one can steal the money this year#LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK #LoveIsland2022 pic.twitter.com/HDVNcF5Scc

— Entertainment In Color (@EntmtInColor) August 1, 2022

What???!!! No love or money question on #LoveIsland …behave…there should be no prize money then …after all they’ve found love…what’s better than that. Hmmm #LoveIslandUK #winnerwinner

— jen smith (@jenjensmith84) August 1, 2022

Who are Davide and Ekin-Su, the Love Island UK winners?

Both members of the victorious pair had auditioned for the show’s eighth season in the hopes of finding love. Following a few difficulties, Italian stallion Davide met Turkish joy Ekin-Su and the two fell in love in the first week of the competition. They were one of the show’s most formidable competitors. Despite being deemed the “least compatible pair” by the islanders in one of the episodes, the couple eventually won. 27-years-old Davide is a businessman from Rome who now resides in Manchester. He entered the dating program hoping to meet a “soulmate” with whom he could “really create something in the future, develop with them, and be a family.”

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Ekin-Su, 27, is an actress from Essex who appeared on the program “searching for the love of [her] life.” She was “not just looking for looks,” but also a “serious man” with “intelligence” and “someone who can have good chats.”

On the program, both were looking for a committed relationship and found one. Following their romantic date, their respective parents approved of their romance. When the pair won the show, they thanked their followers for voting for them and helping them earn first place.

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