Coyoete Turner, 18-year-old girl, dead body found in Lake City, Florida

Ellisville, Columbia County – A somber revelation has come to light as authorities have identified the victim found in a field near SW Haltiwanger Road near Ellisville as 18-year-old Coyoete Turner, a resident of Lake City. The discovery of her lifeless body on Sunday has left the community in shock, and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is actively investigating her tragic death as a homicide.

Sgt. Steven Khachigan of the CCSO addressed the public on Tuesday, assuring residents that there is no believed ongoing threat to the community associated with this incident. He stated, “Anytime we have something like this in our community, we want to apprehend someone responsible as quickly as possible. But there’s nothing at this point that says we have an ongoing threat to the community associated with this.”

Despite the urgency of the case, Sgt. Khachigan acknowledged that there is currently no information available regarding potential suspects or leads in Turner’s death. He emphasized the dedication of detectives working around the clock but expressed a lack of updates on suspect information.

Details surrounding Turner’s death are being deliberately withheld to safeguard the integrity of the ongoing investigation. Sgt. Khachigan noted, “There were some suspicious circumstances there, but it can’t be released just yet as far as the details to that.”

CCSO detectives are urging anyone who may have seen Turner in the past week to come forward with information. They can contact CCSO Detective Truesdale at 386-758-1375, as every lead can be vital in advancing the investigation.

The discovery of Turner’s body occurred on Sunday, shortly before 11:30 a.m., when a caller alerted authorities to the location. Responding deputies confirmed the presence of a deceased individual.

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Sheriff Mark Hunter expressed his condolences, stating, “Our hearts go out to the victim’s family. We will continue to work tirelessly until we are able to bring a successful closure to this case.”

Turner’s history includes being reported as a runaway by the CCSO in November, only to be declared found safe a day later. Additionally, she had previously been reported missing or as a runaway in Columbia County in February 2018 and from Cape Coral in August 2019.

Those with information about the case or Turner’s whereabouts in the past week are encouraged to report anonymously through Crime Stoppers of Columbia County at 386-754-7099 or online at The community’s cooperation is pivotal in ensuring justice for Coyoete Turner and her grieving family.

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