Chef Eric Adjepong Is Featured As The Host Of “Alex vs. America” Season 3

Alex vs. America returns for a new season on the Food Network. The next episode will be released on Sunday, April 16, 2023. The theme of Season 3 is to beat Alex Guarnaschelli in the kitchen, which will be explained in detail again for fans. The show will feature chefs fighting each other as well as Alex Guarnaschelli. The show will be hosted by Eric Adjepong. Adjepong, in addition to being a public health nutritionist, has participated in reality TV shows such as Bravo’s Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars.

Eric Adjepong, host of Alex vs. America, is excited to introduce West African food to a wide range of consumers.

Eric Adjepong was born and raised in New York City, making him the first generation Ghanaian-American in his family. His parents noticed his love of cooking at an early age and encouraged him throughout his career. According to his LinkedIn page, Eric Adjepong has worked for many companies since the beginning of his career. Eric Adjepong was raised on West African food as a child and enjoys sharing it with others. He holds a degree in culinary arts and nutrition from Johnson & Wales University. Adjepong also received a master’s degree in public health in international public health nutrition from the University of Westminster (Washington, DC).

Eric Adjepong

He has also worked in many of the top rated kitchens in New York. He started his career as a Community Food Coordinator at the New York State Hunger Action Network but quickly diverged to become a Chef and Nutrition Coordinator at the Harlem Children’s Zone. . Eric Adjepong currently works as Executive Chef at Chef Adjepong LLC. Additionally, he will feature in Outchef’d (2022), The Great Soul Food Cook-Off (2021) and Tournament of Champions (2020).

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Alex Guarnaschelli is excited to present the third season of Alex vs. America, hosted by Eric Adjepong.

Many applicants will showcase their journey and expertise as Guarnaschelli prepares to compete with many fine chefs. According to the press release for the upcoming season of Alex vs. America: The Revolution,

“In Alex vs. America, celebrity chef and Food Network protagonist Alex Guarnaschelli competes against three culinary superstars in two rounds.”

It continued:

“Competitors come from all over the country, but they all share a common knowledge of a culinary genre that they have spent hours perfecting in their own kitchens and that will bring to life. put to the test to take down Alex.”

Eric Adjepong

Alex Guarnaschelli recently described this season as “one of her dreams come true.” She expressed her excitement about bringing the third season of Alex vs. America on Food Network with Eric Adjepong.

“I am so excited to take my audience on this journey as I give my blood, sweat and tears – literally! — in every culinary battle, when a group of chefs show off their skills to try to beat me.”

The themes for the upcoming season are ‘Southern Comfort’, ‘James Beard Winners’, ‘Hawaii’, ‘Cake’, ‘Chicken’ and ‘Salmon’.

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