Bryson Barnes Age: How Old Is He? Wiki And His Football Journey

Bryson Barnes is a name that is gaining traction in collegiate football, notably among the Utah Utes. Barnes, a native of Milford, Utah, began a career that took him from walk-on to starting quarterback. His is a narrative of perseverance, ability, and unexpected possibilities. Bryson Barnes is 21 years old as of 2023. In this post, we’ll look at Bryson Barnes’ upbringing, climb to fame, collegiate football adventure, amazing numbers, and personal effects on and off the field.

Bryson Barnes Background and Childhood

Bryson Barnes‘ ancestors are from Milford, Utah, where he grew up and developed his football abilities. He went to Milford High School, where he excelled as a quarterback. Notably, Barnes completed 661 passes out of 1,136 tries throughout his high school career, indicating his talent and passion for the sport.

Bryson Barnes

Barnes’ College Football Experience

Barnes made his collegiate football debut in 2020 as a walk-on for the Utah Utes. His voyage was not without difficulties, but he was determined to succeed on the field. One of his notable moments occurred when he competed for the backup quarterback slot against four-star quarterback Nate Johnson. Barnes was able to obtain the post in an amazing turn of events, demonstrating his talent and persistence.

 Bryson Barnes College Statistics

Barnes’ on-field success throughout the 2022 season speaks much about his ability. He appeared in ten games, including one start as quarterback. His throwing stats were excellent, as he went 37-of-57 with two interceptions and four touchdowns. In addition to his tossing ability, Barnes demonstrated his agility with 20 carries for 116 yards.

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Attributes and Player Profile

Barnes has the physical traits of a prospective quarterback, standing 6’1″ and weighing 185 pounds. His major position is quarterback, although he is also athletic. He has already built himself a name for himself in the world of collegiate football as a junior.

Bryson Barnes

Ascend to Prominence

Barnes’ meteoric rise was fueled by an unforeseen chance. Despite not having taken any starting repetitions in practice, he was called upon to start a vital game. Barnes completed 17 of 27 throws, collecting 175 yards and tossing a touchdown—all without throwing a single interception.

Personal History and Impact

Barnes’ personal life has drawn the attention of many people away from the football field. His wife, Brittlyn Barnes, has drawn attention as he takes on crucial parts in games. The excitement around his performance and the attention he is receiving shows that Barnes is not only making waves in athletics but also captivating hearts off the court.

ESPN and Wikipedia include Bryson Barnes

For anyone interested in learning more about Bryson Barnes, his Wikipedia article provides details about his life, accomplishments, and contributions. Fans may also keep up with his live stats and game highlights by visiting his ESPN site.


Bryson Barnes’ tale is one of tenacity, drive, and the courage to grab unexpected possibilities. Barnes has created a name for himself, rising from modest origins in Milford, Utah, to become the Utah Utes’ starting quarterback. As college football fans and fanatics, we eagerly await this extraordinary athlete’s future development and achievement.

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