Bosley Dog, famous YouTuber FaZe Rug’s dog, dies suddenly

FaZe Rug, the prominent YouTuber recognized for pranks, gaming, challenges, and vlogs, recently confirmed the heartbreaking news of his cherished pet Bosley’s passing through a heartfelt social media post. Bosley, well-known to FaZe Clan enthusiasts as FaZe Rug’s beloved pug and a regular feature on the gamer’s Instagram and YouTube, has left a void felt deeply by fans.

Brian Rafat Awadis, famously known as FaZe Rug, was born on November 19, 1996, in San Diego, California, to Chaldean Assyrian immigrant parents from Tel Keppe, Iraq. Awadis, whose father is a shop owner, embarked on his YouTube journey after leaving his studies at San Diego Miramar College and Mira Mesa Senior High School during his freshman year to focus entirely on his burgeoning YouTube career.

Starting his YouTube venture with his older brother Brandon in 2008, Awadis later launched his own channel in July 2012, initially sharing Call of Duty gameplay snippets. He eventually joined the esports juggernaut FaZe Clan in January 2013, a team he now co-owns.

Throughout his YouTube tenure, FaZe Rug’s channel steadily climbed the ranks of success. Achieving milestones like hitting one million subscribers in 2015, followed by the remarkable milestone of ten million subscribers in 2018, earned him the coveted Diamond Play Button accolade. His videos collectively garnered over a billion views by July 2017.

Beyond his YouTube triumphs, Awadis diversified his content, releasing music and collaborating on projects like “Goin’ Live” in November 2019 and partnering with Omega Ex on a music video in January 2020. He also ventured into television, appearing as a special guest on MTV’s Ridiculousness in June 2020.

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His multifaceted endeavors extended to sports and entertainment, as seen in his video collaboration “Becoming a WWE Superstar for 24 Hours! (ft. Dominik Mysterio)” alongside professional wrestler Dominik Mysterio, who trained Awadis to become a WWE wrestler.

Further adding to his list of accomplishments, Awadis was invited to unveil the Los Angeles Chargers’ third-round NFL Draft selection in 2022, announcing JT Woods, a safety for Baylor, as the 79th overall pick.

Despite the myriad achievements in his professional life, FaZe Rug’s recent poignant tribute to his departed companion Bosley reminds us of the personal losses endured amidst the glare of public success.

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