Blendi Klosi Viral Video Scandal creates Controversy among Netizens

A video allegedly featuring Blendi Klosi, a famous Albanian politician, recently went viral, causing a stir and attracting the curiosity of many netizens.

Blendi Klosi, member of parliament of Berat and member of Socialist Party of Albania, formerly served as Minister of Tourism and Environment during the 2nd Rama government, which began September 13, 2017.

The video, which has garnered considerable attention, shows Klosi engaging in a heated exchange, shouting and using profanity at a group of protesters who had gathered outside his residence. ta. Protesters are seeking justice for a family that has been evicted from their home.

Blendi Klosi . scandal

The incident sparked controversy, with many individuals criticizing Klosi’s behavior as inappropriate for a state official. Some have even called for him to resign over the incident.

On the other hand, Klosi has defended his actions, claiming that he was provoked by protesters and was only defending himself.

The viral video involving Blendi Klosi sheds light on Albanians’ growing frustration and anger over issues like corruption and government negligence. It also raises important questions about the accountability and responsibility of public servants to the people they serve.

Moving on to the broader context, Blendi Klosi has been embroiled in many controversies and scandals in recent years. During his tenure as Interior Minister from 2017 to 2021, he faced multiple charges of corruption, abuse of power and involvement in organized crime.

A major scandal involving Klosi is the “Rama Tape” case, which emerged in 2019. In recorded conversation, Klosi is heard discussing the release of a convicted drug dealer. with Prime Minister Edi Rama. These revelations prompted allegations of corruption and collusion with organized crime, leading to demands for Klosi’s resignation.

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In addition, Klosi is accused of using his position to intimidate journalists and restrict media freedom in Albania. In 2020, he faced criticism for ordering the arrest of a journalist who covered his alleged relationship with a notorious criminal gang.

Despite all the controversy surrounding her, Blendi Klosi always maintains her innocence and denies all charges against her. He resigned as Minister of the Interior in April 2021, citing personal reasons and the need for new perspectives in government.

However, scandals and controversies left a lasting impact on Klosi’s reputation, tarnishing his legacy during his time in office.

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