Bert Girigorie- All About The Ex-Husband Of Wendy Williams

Bert Girigorie is best known as the ex-husband of Wendy Williams, an American broadcaster and writer. Girigorie works in sales and marketing in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. He has been the president of G2 marketing since 2010, according to LinkedIn.

Quick Facts

Full Name Bert Girigorie
First Name Bert
Last Name Girigorie
Profession Celebrity Ex-Husband
Nationality American
Ethnicity mixed
Birth City North Carolina
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Pisces
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Wendy Williams
Date of Birth March 13, 1964
Age 58 years
Married Date 1964

His marriage to Williams lasted just a few months.

Girigorie’s marriage to Williams lasted just a few months. He first met Williams in 1992, while she was working at a radio station in New York City. At the time, he was working as a DJ. He dated Williams before marrying in 1994, but their marriage was short-lived, as they divorced only five months later. After 18 months, they divorced.

He knew his marriage was doomed from the start.

Girigorie came out about his brief marriage to Williams in a 2019 interview with, claiming that she cheated on him with a married man. According to him, he realized early on that his marriage was doomed since things went wrong soon after they exchanged their wedding vows.

On their wedding day, he had his doubts that their marriage was what it seemed to be when she had a reporter from “some magazine” and a photographer travel in the limousine from the church to the wedding reception. He remembered it being strange. The oddest part was when she insisted on spending a night out alone when they were on their honeymoon in Rio.

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Bert Girigorie

He also stated that he discovered she had been unfaithful from the start, shortly after they separated. Others began phoning him and telling him various things about Williams following their breakup, which he stated didn’t matter at the time. He subsequently discovered she was having an affair with someone, but he hesitated to divulge the man’s name for fear of jeopardizing his connection with the man’s husband.

Other from that, he admitted to being fully uninformed of her alleged drug usage. He was aware that she was doing drugs, but she kept it a secret from him. He thought she was, but he had no knowledge of it.While he saw weird conduct from the start, as she abruptly transformed into a new person, he didn’t understand why at the time.

His ex-wife has gone through a lot in the last four years.

His ex-wife has been through a lot since learning that her ex-husband, whom she married in 1990, fathered a child with a mistress. She filed for divorce in 2019, and the divorce was completed in January 2020 following a lengthy process. Williams discussed her divorce while speaking on the Sirius XM urban view channel.

She said that no one could assist her get through that period of her life but herself. She said that she was genuinely in love with Kevin and had no regrets about putting up with him for the last 25 years. They had been married for over 22 years and had been together for 25 years. She claimed she had nothing to do with him having a kid or having a side girl over 15 years into their marriage since she had known about her from the beginning.

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She said that when she discovered her ex-husband was a serial cheat, she was pregnant and on bed rest. She planned to divorce Kevin and gave up a lot of herself to succeed on the other side. The more prosperous they both were, the more of a jerk he became, choosing to wine and dine in his adulterous activities while utilizing his excellent credit to acquire the home.

Bert Girigorie

Another lady was on her pregnancy journey when her ex-husband asked her for forgiveness and told her to take a minute. Yet she was a housewife planning because she knew Kevin needed his braces tightened. She said that she was the face of her program in the morning and the face of their family at the same time.

After 13 years on the air, her famous TV program “The Wendy Williams Show” was canceled. She has long struggled with health concerns as well as sobriety after her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Hunter, which ended in her admission to treatment in 2019. In 2021, she was also diagnosed with COVID-19 and was brought to the hospital. In August 2022, she announced the debut of a new podcast, The Wendy Experience, although the program is now on hiatus due to a lack of resources. She is presently focusing on health and well-being as she prepares for a significant return at the next level in her career, according to Williams’ spokesman Shawn Zanotti.

Net Worth

He makes a nice living as an entrepreneur, but his precise net worth is still unknown. His ex-wife Wendy Williams’ net worth is currently unknown. She has a staggering net worth of $20 million, which she has accumulated mostly from her famous program, The Wendy Williams Show. Her pay for each episode was $55,000.

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