Avriel Hooks lynchburg va missing: Discovery made as deceased woman found in Amherst, Virginia

Amherst, VA – A somber discovery unfolded on Tuesday, August 29, as the lifeless body of Avriel Hooks, a woman hailing from Lynchburg, was uncovered in a wooded area near the Lexington Turnpike in Amherst, Virginia. The shocking revelation was swiftly followed by the arrest of Michael L. Perry III, a 21-year-old man, on suspicion of committing the murder. Authorities have revealed that Perry was identified as the estranged husband of the victim, shedding light on a potential connection between the two.

The case has spurred intense scrutiny, with Virginia law enforcement agencies diligently investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident. Hooks’ family and local authorities were instrumental in piecing together the unfolding narrative, aiding in the rapid arrest of the suspect.

Avriel Hooks (20) has been missing for almost a week from Lynchburg, Virginia. Family knows that she would not leave her 5mo baby. Her partner, Michael Perry, was out on bond for violating a protective order at the time. She tried to get help and she was turned away. 🥺 pic.twitter.com/z9KqX3IXlp

— Rose (@901Lulu) August 28, 2023

The heart-wrenching ordeal began when Avriel Hooks was initially reported missing on Wednesday, August 23, prompting a dedicated effort from multiple search teams to locate her. Authorities from the Amherst County Sheriff’s Department joined hands with volunteers, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of answers.

Described as a 5’5 White woman, Hooks was last seen alive wearing a black tank top, black leggings, and distinctive pink nail polish. The chilling timeline reveals that she was last in contact with her family members on the evening of Tuesday, August 22. Concerns grew after her mother, Ashley Pittman, received an unusual text from Hooks’ phone the following day. The text’s unsettling nature raised suspicions of potential foul play, prompting Pittman to report her daughter missing.

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Pittman expressed her unease, explaining, “The text message didn’t seem like the way she would text. It sounded off.” Her instincts proved crucial in launching the investigation into the case.

Throughout the intensive search, authorities engaged with individuals known to have had contact with Avriel Hooks. The community also rallied together, with volunteer search parties meticulously combing through the areas surrounding Lynchburg and Amherst, hoping to find any trace of the missing woman.

Joseph Bayer, a dedicated organizer of one such search party, commented on the collective efforts, “We have a beautiful world out here, but it can be very cruel. To see so many people coming together who did not even know this woman, it gives you hope. There’s still beauty in this world and still good people in this world still trying to do good things. I just hope it just keeps going.”

❗BREAKING ❗ Live on scene. Sadly missing 20-year-old #AvrielHooks not far from her b/f house who was searching for her when a neighbor called in her body was on their property after they “allegedly” heard a gunshot. He has been arrested, but I’m not sure for what yet. pic.twitter.com/WWKwYR4kDY

— Ms Harmony ツ (@Ms_Harmony58) August 29, 2023

As the investigation progressed, a significant breakthrough occurred when authorities identified a person of interest residing in the 1400 block of Garfield Avenue. The relentless pursuit of truth culminated in the discovery of Avriel Hooks’ lifeless body on August 29. In a swift turn of events, Michael L. Perry’s apprehension was announced by authorities, making him a prime suspect in the case. Perry now faces charges of second-degree murder and unlawful disposal of a dead body, casting a spotlight on the ongoing investigation.

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The tragic demise of Avriel Hooks has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting a renewed focus on personal safety and vigilance. As authorities work tirelessly to unravel the details, the collective hope is that justice will prevail and the truth behind this devastating incident will come to light.

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