Arsenio Hall Net Worth: How Rich Is He? Lifestyle And Career Highlights

Arsenio Hall is an American actor, comedian, talk show presenter, television personality, writer, and producer, with a net worth of $16 million. He is best known as the presenter of The Arsenio Hall program, a late-night chat program. Arsenio was the show’s writer, producer, and host from 1989 to 1994, and again from 2013 to 2014. His presentation was popular with young people, who chanted “Roo, Roo, Roo!” while pumping their fists as a substitute for applauding. Furthermore, then-Presidential candidate Bill Clinton performing his saxophone contributed to the show’s popularity.

He also presented the Star Search from 2003 to 2004. In addition, from 1983 to 1984, Hall worked as an actor as Alan Thicke’s sidekick on the chat program Thicke of the Night. In addition, he is most known for winning the 2012 reality competition game show Celebrity Apprentice 5, which aired on NBC. His significant cinematic works include Martial Law, Coming to America (1988), Coming 2 America (2021), and Harlem Nights (1989). In 2016, Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor alleged Hall fed Prince’s (singer-songwriter) drug habit and also pinned his drink at a party. In response, Hall initiated a $5 million defamation case, which he later abandoned when O’Connor apologized and recanted her claim.

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Arsenio Hall is a television personality, actor, writer, and producer, who is worth $16 million. His main source of income is from his profession as a film actor, television and radio presenter, writer, producer, and so on. Arsenio began his career as a guest performer on Soul Train, and he later appeared on various other programs. Furthermore, his appointment to host The Late Show in the autumn of 1988 was a significant turning point in his career.

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Arsenio Hall

It was also his first time hosting a discussion show. The Late Show was a smash success, and he amassed a massive fan following. As a result, he was subsequently allowed to host his own program, The Arsenio Hall program. The Arsenio Hall Show ran from 1989 until 1994. Furthermore, he conducted numerous concerts until 1998, when he chose to discontinue the show in order to raise his kid. He never had to reflect on his profession after the success of his program.

Throughout his career, Arsenio has appeared on around 40 talk programs, game shows, awards ceremonies, and events. He has also appeared in 13 films since his debut in the 1987 film “Amazon Women on the Moon,” in which he played the minor character of an apartment sufferer. Hall earned nearly $900,000 for his performance in Coming to America, one of his most notable efforts, in 1988. Furthermore, Hall was granted $250,000 in prize money for winning “The Celebrity Apprentice” in 2012. Arsenio Hall’s varied and long-standing career in the entertainment business has netted him a fortune. He also has a 30-acre house in Santa Monica, California, which he purchased in 1990 for a stunning $3.5 million.


Arsenio Hall has amassed huge riches via his hard labor, and he enjoys living a luxury lifestyle to compensate for his long hours. He lives in Los Angeles in a home on a 30-acre property with all the conveniences that someone could possibly want. He also has a son, Arsenio Hall Jr., whom he raised as a single father. Furthermore, Hall was never married and had his kid with his ex-girlfriend Cheryl Bonacci. In addition, once his kid was born in 1999, Hall took an extended vacation to raise him. Furthermore, when he was busy raising Junior Hall, there were reports that he was in treatment to detox, which he fiercely rejected.

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Arsenio Hall has worked with several foundations to give back to society. He has been a supporter of the Tony Hawk Foundation, which aims to better society by focusing on helping and empowering kids. It primarily works with at-risk/disadvantaged children and sports, with a particular emphasis on the establishment of public skateboard parks in low-income neighborhoods. He also works with the Compound Foundation, which was founded in 2007, and works for Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, Creative Arts, and Education concerns.

Arsenio Hall

It also aims to promote programs that educate business and life skills in order to enable adolescents to become productive, successful, and self-sufficient adults. Arsenio also contributes to the Magic Johnson Foundation, which helps children, young people, and inner-city communities around the country with their educational, health, and social needs. It also distributes cash to groups that educate the minority population about HIV/AIDS prevention and health treatment. Arsenio has revealed that he began his charitable work with the Magic Johnson Foundation after a buddy phoned him and informed him that he was HIV positive.

He also works with Globe Vision, a relief and development organization devoted to assisting children and their communities across the globe in overcoming poverty. Furthermore, in 2018, Hall hosted an event organized by The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation. Its revenues were used to construct 50 baseball fields in underprivileged areas.


Arsenio Hall is a popular personality from the 1990s who has a devoted following. He began his career on Soul Train in 1981 and has never looked back. Arsenio Hall has appeared in 13 films, four biographical television episodes, and 40 television shows. Coming to America (1988), Coming 2 America (2021), and Harlem Nights (1989) are among his most successful films. Furthermore, he is most known for hosting his own late-night talk program, The Arsenio Hall program, from 1989 until 1994.

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In addition, his presence and victory in the reality competition game show Celebrity Apprentice 5 (2012) are well-known works. His work in the famous television series Martial Law (1998-2000) is also well-liked by his admirers. He has also appeared in television biography series such as Biography (1996-2008), E! True Hollywood Story (2001), Pioneers of Television (PBS) (2008), and American Masters (2012). In addition, as Chunky A, he has a discography titled Large and in Charge (1989).

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