ANU stabbing victims names identified as Isabelle Vasudeva and Ilysha Perry; Alex Ophel is accused of attempted murder

Canberra, Australia – In a harrowing incident at the Australian National University (ANU), Ilysha Perry and Isabelle Vasudeva, both 20 years old, were named as victims of a stabbing spree. The alleged attacker, Alex Ophel, 24, is in custody, accused of stabbing the two students and assaulting two others with a frying pan during a 30-minute rampage across the ANU campus in Canberra.

Ilysha Perry, a second-year ANU student from Batemans Bay in southern New South Wales, remains hospitalized in critical condition. Isabelle Vasudeva, also a 20-year-old ANU student and allegedly stabbed in the attack, is in stable condition.

Ophel faces charges of attempted murder, assault, and possession of a weapon with intent to kill. Sally Wheeler, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of ANU, commended the bravery of the ANU staff and students who ensured the safety of others during the incident.

Authorities stated that Ophel was known to the police before the incident, and mental health is a factor in the ongoing investigation. He is in custody until his next court appearance on October 17.

Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt urged those affected to seek professional care and emphasized community support. Investigations will focus on understanding how Ophel accessed the campus and evaluating safety provisions. Any witnesses or individuals with footage of the incident are urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

In response to whether the incident represented a systemic failure, ACT Minister Shane Rattenbury stated that further examination is needed to understand the circumstances. He highlighted the importance of scrutinizing decisions made within the health system regarding Ophel and assured the community that any identified systemic issues would be swiftly addressed through necessary reforms.

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