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Andrew Huberman (born September 26, 1975) is an American neuroscientist, professor, YouTube star and social media personality. He is known for his contributions to brain development, neuroplasticity, brain function and other areas.

He is also a professor at Stanford University School of Medicine in the department of neurobiology and ophthalmology. Not only that, he’s become more and more prominent on social media thanks to his Huberman Lab Podcast.

Quick Info

Real name Andrew Huberman
Nickname Andrew
Job Neuroscientist, professor, YouTube star and social media personality
Year old 48 [as of 2023]
Date of birth September 26, 1975
Place of birth Palo Alto, California, USA
Hometown Palo Alto, California, USA
Zodiac sign Libra
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Colleges School of California
Interest Traveling
Famous for Tiktok

Andrew Huberman Biography

Andrew Huberman was born to an American family in Palo Alto, California, USA on September 26 every year. Andrew is his nickname, and he’s a Libra. In 2013, he received his high school diploma from Henry M. Gunn High School.

After graduating from high school, he attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and earned a bachelor’s degree. He earned his Master’s degree in Neurobiology and Behavior from the University of California, Berkeley, for his master’s degree.

Finally, in 2004, he received his Ph. in neuroscience from the University of California, Davis. After completing his studies, he spent six years as a postdoctoral fellow of Helen Hay Whitney at Stanford University.

Mr. Andrew Huberman Age, Height, Weight

Andrew Huberman was born in 1975 and is 48 years old as of 2023. Andrew Huberman is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall and weighs 102 kg (225 lbs). He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Andrew’s body measurements are not available, but his shoe size is 12 (US).

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In terms of physical features, he has a beautifully trimmed beard. He’s also in good physical shape because he works out at the gym and works out at home. Furthermore, as a scientist, he only eats nutritious foods.

Andrew HubermanAndrew Huberman


Andrew Huberman’s professional career began more than a decade ago. In January 2011, he began working as a full-time assistant professor at the University of California, San Diego, after completing his postdoctoral research.

He oversees and runs his lab at the university, which focuses on the development and repair of the brain and the function of the visual system. He also teaches medical students undergraduate lectures on Neuroscience and Neurosurgery.

However, he decided to step down from his professorship at UC in December 2015, after working there for about 5 years. He began as a full-time professor at Stanford University School of Medicine in January 2016. In addition to brain research, he also educates students and the public about brain function, plasticity, and regenerative capacity. He’s still a professor at Stanford and will complete seven years with the university later this year.

Now we will discuss his scientific discoveries. One of his most important discoveries was that certain types of retinal neurons degenerate early in glaucoma. He identified non-invasive methods to regenerate damaged retinal neurons. In 2018, he discovered two new mammalian brain circuits. While one side encourages fear and paralysis, the other encourages courageous responses to threats that are visually indicated.

In addition, he has made significant contributions to neuroscience, making him one of the best neuroscientists in his country. In addition, in recent years, he has collaborated with notable figures such as David Spiegel.

Andrew Huberman’s Social Media Career

Andrew Huberman’s social media career began with the release of his podcast, Huberman Lab Podcast. In January 2021, he created a podcast in which he discusses issues related to neuroscience and science-based technologies.

Podcasts have quickly gained traction on major streaming sites like YouTube. While he publishes audio podcast episodes in various locations, he also publishes audio and video versions of the episodes on his eponymous YouTube channel. Dr. Andy Galphin, Dr. David Sinclair, Dr. Anna Lembke, and many others appeared on his show last year.

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Podcasts often score the best in areas like science, health, fitness, and education. In fact, as of March 2023, it’s ranked number two on the Spotify Podcasts Chart in the US. The Joe Rogan experience is located directly below the podcast.

In addition to providing podcast episodes, he also uploads Q&A recordings of the event directly to his YouTube page. He has completed 87 episodes of his podcast to date. The channel currently has 2.97 million subscribers and 112 million total video views. In July 2021, he will also be founding a second YouTube channel called Huberman Lab Clips. When YouTube Shorts came out, he decided to create this channel to distribute short video material.

He publishes short clips from his podcast shows as well as short videos. In fact, he has a few videos that have received over a million views. This channel currently has more than 283,000 subscribers and a total of 13 million video views.

Andrew Huberman’s Girlfriend, Dating

Andrew Huberman is currently unmarried. We have not identified a single piece of information about his marriage or his wife despite thorough research. Although he is over 40 years old, he shows no interest in marriage. His current relationship status is also single. Therefore, we can deduce that he currently does not have a wife or girlfriend.

According to his dating history, he has dated at least two people. Unfortunately, we currently have information regarding his former partners. Moving on, his ethnicity and nationality are both American. On the other hand, Andrew seems to be a very private person who does not like to reveal the personal information of his family members on the internet. As a result, we couldn’t find out anything about his parents or siblings. However, he did post a photo of his grandfather on his Instagram account.

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Andrew Huberman’s Net Worth

Andrew Huberman’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. He earns money from various sources, including salary from Stanford, podcast sponsorship, etc.

As a professor at Stanford, he was well paid by the university. According to, a typical Stanford professor earns about $259,340 per year. However, given his understanding and contribution to neuroscience, we believe his remuneration should be slightly higher.

Despite being a scientist known for his contributions to neuroscience, little is known about how he was compensated for his findings.

When it comes to his podcasts, he usually has more than one sponsor per episode. He has previously worked with famous businesses such as Atheltic Greens, Inside Tracker, ROKA, LMNT, Eight Sleep and others. However, the public does not know how much money he received from a donor. Also, he turns to ads on his podcast episodes on several platforms to get views/streams.

After that, he frequently went on tour (special live events) where he spoke to audiences on topics related to neuroscience. Spectators must purchase tickets for the specific live event to watch it. As a result, he gets a percentage of the total proceeds from the live event.

Also, he recently created a shop page on his own website where he showcased brand new clothes. He currently only has two advertised $25 t-shirts. He is able to sell a considerable amount thanks to his large following.

Andrew Huberman’s Achievements and Awards

Andrew Huberman has made significant contributions to the field of neuroscience. He has received many honors and has been recognized many times for his work. The following is a list of honors and awards.

The Pew Charitable Trusts presented him with the Biomedical Scholar Award in 2013. The McKnight Foundation Neuroscience Scholar Award in 2013. The Healing Team Member Catalyst received the ARVO Cogan Award. for his achievements in 2017. and many other awards.

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