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Aiko Tanaka is a popular Japanese comedian, actor, entertainer and television presenter. She’s known for her incredible skills and talents, and her work can be seen in many television shows and movies, including Laughs, End of the Game, and Add-TV. She recently made headlines with her performance on America’s Got Talent 2022, where she received a positive response from the judges.

Quick Info

Name Tanaka Aiko
Year old 43 years old
Date of birth December 13, 1979
Sex male
Job comedian
country of birth Japan
Place of birth Tokyo
nation Mix
Nationality Japanese
Religion Christian
sexual orientation Straight
Marital status can be single
net value 2 million USD
Wage thousand dollars
The Origin of Wealth Entertaiment industry
Eye color hazel
Hair color Black
Height 5 feet and 4 inches or 1.64 meters or 165 cm
Weight 53 Kg or 116 Pound
Instagram Instagram

Aiko Tanaka Age, Biography

On December 13, 1979, Aiko Tanaka, a talented actress, was born. She was born in Tokyo, Japan. As of 2023, she is 43 years old and just celebrated her birthday. She grew up in Tokyo but currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Tanaka is of Japanese nationality and has mixed origins between Japanese and Korean ethnicities. She does not reveal anything about her family members, including her father, mother or siblings, except that her father used to be a sales and marketing executive and her mother is a swimsuit model.

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Tanaka finished school and always wanted to become an actor. She went on to study theater and dance at a university in the United States after graduating from college. She started her career at a young age, working as an advertising and catalog model while in elementary school. She then pursued her dream of becoming an actress after moving to the United States and excelled in her training.

Tanaka Aiko

Aiko Tanaka Height & Weight

Aika is about 5 feet 4 inches tall, which is equivalent to 1.64 meters or 165 centimeters. Her body weight is approximately 53 kg (116 pounds), making her a slim and strong figure. She has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her charming personality and attractive body lines, and she continues to inspire many with her talent and beauty.

Aiko Tanaka’s net worth in 2023

Although she doesn’t disclose her income, her net worth is estimated at around $2 million by 2023. Despite keeping her financial information private, her professional success is she said it. She has established herself as a respected actress and comedian for her talent and hard work. Her dedication and passion have clearly paid off as she continues to be recognized by the industry.

Aiko Tanaka’s Relationship

Aiko Tanaka keeps her personal life private, not revealing her relationship status or dating life. She did not introduce anyone as her boyfriend or life partner, nor did she reveal any information about her previous relationships. Although she is 43 years old, she has not revealed anything about her love life and marriage plans. According to some sources, she was romantically involved with Bill Maher in 2002 and later dated Eddie Griffin, but these rumors are yet to be confirmed.

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