Accident park Toucan monterrey skateboard, Skateboarder injured after colliding with van

St. Joseph, Missouri – A routine afternoon took an unexpected turn when a skateboarding accident unfolded near the South Belt Walmart in St. Joseph. The incident occurred on a Tuesday afternoon, prompting a swift response from the St. Joseph Police Department at approximately 3 p.m.

According to Sgt. James Tonn’s account, the skateboarder was traveling northbound along the Belt, seamlessly following the street’s rhythm. However, a fateful decision to make a left turn into the Walmart entrance was made without having the right of way. This decision led to a collision with the driver’s side of a southbound Honda Odyssey minivan. The impact was substantial, raising concerns, but the skateboarder, displaying remarkable resilience, remained conscious and aware of their surroundings.

Despite their resilience, the physical toll of the accident was apparent, as they suffered a significant injury – a broken leg. Given the severity of this injury, the prudent course of action was to promptly transport the injured individual to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of adhering to traffic rules and regulations, even when engaging in unconventional modes of transportation such as skateboarding. It underscores the significance of yielding the right of way and exercising caution when making turns, ultimately contributing to safer streets and preventing accidents like this one from occurring in the future.

Our thoughts and well wishes extend to the injured skateboarder as they embark on their journey to recovery and rehabilitation. May their path be swift, and may this incident serve as a reminder to us all of the vital role we play in ensuring road safety.

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