William Tyrrell Foster Mother charged after 9-years amidst toddler’s disappearance

William Tyrrell’s adoptive mother, whose name cannot be released for legal reasons, has been charged by NSW Police with tampering with a corpse and perverting the trial. Detectives gathered evidence against her, suggesting that William may have died from a fall from the balcony of their NSW Mid North Coast home in 2014. Investigators suspect that his body He was dumped after he went missing, initially thought to be a child abduction case.

It is important to note that the adoptive mother has vehemently denied any involvement and news.com.au does not allude to her guilt. If charged, the legal process will begin and a judge or jury will determine if there is enough evidence to convict her.

William, who was due to turn 12 on Monday, went missing in Kendall, a small town located about 25 kilometers southwest of Port Macquarie. On the day he disappeared, he was playing with his sister on the front lawn, wearing his beloved Spider-Man suit. Unfortunately, his sister was unable to provide any information regarding what happened to William.

William Tyrrell

To date, no one has been charged in connection with William’s disappearance and his body has yet to be found. In 2020, a new team of homicide detectives looked into the case and conducted a search of the property where William was last seen, focusing on the area below the balcony in the backyard. They also searched the surrounding gardens and woodlands.

It is worth mentioning that the adoptive mother had previously pleaded not guilty to two common assault counts involving another child and has attempted to dismiss the charges on mental health grounds. Additionally, she denies two counts of stalking and intimidation.

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On William’s birthday, NSW Police released a statement highlighting their unwavering determination to thoroughly investigate every lead and find answers regarding his disappearance.

If the adoptive mother is ultimately charged with perverting the course of justice and tampering with a corpse, she could face a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison.

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