Why ‘Iterate’ and ‘Reiterate’ Mean the Same Thing

from repeat means “state or redo or repeat sometimes with exhausting effect.” It is often used by people quoted in the media who have doubled down on something previously said:

repeat A position it has held for decades, the Mayor and Council this week passed a resolution opposing the proposed offshore oil and gas drilling and exploration off the resort’s coast. — Shawn Soper, Maryland Coast DispatchFebruary 21, 2018

repeat has been defined as “saying or repeating or repeating.” That meaning is established by its origin: it comes from a Latin verb (repeat) is related to the Latin adverb repeatmeans “again.”

Stores displaying the same standardized goods are advertised nationwide; newspapers of sections three thousand miles apart have the same “informative feature”; the boy in Arkansas only displayed a dazzling ready-to-wear as found on such a boy in Delaware, both repeat same slang phrase from the same sports site…. — Sinclair Lewis, Main road1920

So if to repeat is to repeat yourself, how repeat in accordance with, since D note- already means something is being done again (as in wash again or reheat)?

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We will try not to go on and on.

Repeat and repeat both have old origin

It seems English has arbitrarily added a repeated prefix to a root that doesn’t need it, perhaps to create repeat more like the familiar repeat. But the overlap between repeat And repeat is actually part of the Latin heritage of both words. attach the D note- prefix to repeat give Latin repeatancestor of repeat.

The seemingly unnecessary nature of repeat has led some commentators to try to make a distinction between the two. Charles Einstein, in How to communicate (1985) emphasized, “If you have said something once and now you say it again, you are not repeating it. You are repeating it. From the third time on, you are repeating it. repeat.”

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Actual use does not establish such a discriminatory pattern, although repeat usually accompanied by a contextual hint that the action is repeated:

“And are you happy to see me?” ask her, repeat her previous question, and was pleased to discover a faint dawn smile. — Emily Bronte, howling hills1847

repeat not frequently used in its own right, other than where it is used, often in a joking manner, besides repeat:

He repeat And repeat that his laboratory also provided the French with many biological tools and samples, as well as important technical guidance… — Natalie Angier, New York Times book reviewMarch 24, 1991

You are most likely to encounter its noun form repetition as a word meaning “version”:

Macbeth returns fiercely repetition (and that’s saying something to some of its predecessors) thanks to Michael Fassbender’s superb performance in the lead role. —Melissa Holbrook Pierson, slateDecember 10, 2015

There is no real distinction

So again: to repeat in order to repeat and it’s all Latin’s fault.

Correct, repeat And repeat shared meanings that are largely synonymous. No, this doesn’t mean either of them is wrong. Yes, other English words do this (see habitable & habitable if you don’t believe us). No, that doesn’t mean we’re penalizing improper use of English.

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