Why Did Storme Warren Leave ‘The Highway’? New Job & Net Worth

Storme Warren is a radio and television personality, producer, and vocalist. The host is most recognized in the country music business for his efforts. Storme Warren has a thriving radio career in addition to his job on television. He has presented many radio programs, most notably “The Storme Warren Morning Show” on SiriusXM’s The Highway channel.

The program offers conversations with country music stars and a showcase for new and rising talent. Storme Warren has shown his musical abilities as a vocalist. He has published tracks and has been at many country music festivals.

Where Is Storme Warren Going Now That He’s Left The Highway?

Storme Warren ended his career with The Highway on May 12 and left SiriusXM completely to pursue a new endeavor, according to Country Aircheck. While Storme has not officially revealed his location, he did leave SiriusXM with a statement on Twitter. According to the information, Storme’s exit from the network was a voluntary choice on his behalf rather than a consequence of being fired. Storme extended his thanks to SiriusXM in a tweet, specifically addressing The Highway crew, listeners, and employees.

Storme Warren

He praised the amazing experience he had while working for the firm, as well as the honor of anchoring the morning program. Storme also expressed gratitude to the crowd for their faith in him and his staff. However, he added that he would be revealing his new location shortly, implying that his departure was not widely expected or planned. Fans were caught away by the announcement because of the element of surprise. As a result, there is no information regarding where he will go after leaving the program.

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Storme Warren’s New Job And Salary

Warren has certainly disclosed his departure from The Highway but has yet to reveal his new employment to his fans. Warren also said that he intends to provide more information regarding his new work or planned projects in the near future. This implies that he is actively working on new prospects and plans to share the information with his friends and followers in the near future. Follow Storme Warren’s social media profiles or read recent news sources for the most up-to-date information about his current pursuits.

Storme Warren’s Net Worth in 2023

Warren’s net worth in August  2023, according to the source, will be $1.3 million. Warren’s principal source of income is his employment as a television and radio presenter, producer, and vocalist. He has previously hosted programs such as “Headline Country” on GAC and “The Storme Warren Morning Show” on SiriusXM’s The Highway channel.

Storme Warren

He also created television specials and country music business events. Storme Warren may have been engaged in different enterprises or initiatives that he has not publicly revealed in addition to his recognized sources of income. Individuals often have other sources of income or professional activities that are not commonly recognized by the general public. As a result, Storme Warren may have additional sources of income or projects that were not publicly disclosed at the time.

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