Who were the suspects charged with Carla Yellowbird’s murder? Details explored about the case

The August 2016 disappearance of Carla Yellowbird had baffled authorities for weeks until a shocking confession unraveled the truth behind her vanishing and led to the discovery of her remains a month later. This revelation implicated three individuals in her murder, shedding light on a tragic case that left a community in disbelief.

Carla Yellowbird, a mother of seven from Mandan, North Dakota, was last seen on August 23, 2016, in the company of Suna Guy, as they headed to the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation for what was alleged to be a drug-related endeavor.

Suna Guy confessed to a chilling plot to rob Carla Yellowbird of her money and possessions, alongside Dakota Charboneau and Daylin St. Pierre. Tragically, Yellowbird lost her life when a firearm accidentally discharged in the course of the robbery. The trio faced charges more than a year later, and each pleaded guilty to separate charges, ultimately receiving lengthy sentences for their involvement.

The compelling case of Carla Yellowbird is set to be revisited on Oxygen’s “Dateline: Unforgettable” on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. The episode, titled “The Secret of Spirit Lake,” will air at 8 pm ET.

The official synopsis for the upcoming episode reads: “An advocate for missing and murdered Indigenous women searches for answers in the disappearance of her niece and exposes cracks in law enforcement; Andrea Canning looks back on this important story, one that became her passion project.”

Following Carla Yellowbird’s tragic demise, it took a year for three suspects, Suna Guy, Dakota Charboneau, and Daylin St. Pierre, to be charged with federal counts, including felony murder and other related charges, linked to the case. The trio had allegedly conspired to rob Yellowbird of her money and possessions during her ill-fated trip to the remote Spirit Lake Indian Reservation on the night of August 23, 2016.

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It was Suna Guy, the last person seen with Yellowbird, who became the primary suspect, possibly due to his criminal background. After facing pressure from authorities and Yellowbird’s family, Guy confessed and revealed his involvement in the plot to rob the 27-year-old victim, a confession that was substantiated by their Facebook conversations. Daylin St. Pierre was drawn into the scheme later.

The tragic incident unfolded at the remote location where the trio attempted to carry out the robbery, resulting in a fatal gunshot wound to Carla Yellowbird. The firearm accidentally discharged during the course of the crime, leading to her untimely death in the early hours of August 24.

Following Suna Guy’s confession, he cooperated with law enforcement and guided them to the location where Carla Yellowbird’s remains were found, concealed under bushes near St. Michael, in September 2016. An autopsy confirmed her cause of death as a gunshot wound to the head, delivered at close range.

After Yellowbird’s tragic demise, the trio returned to Dakota Charboneau’s apartment with the stolen cash and drugs. There, they attempted to cover up their heinous crime by burning the victim’s belongings, including her clothing.

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