Who Is Tanya Fontenot? Meet Terry Fontenot Wife: Relationship And Kids

Terry Fontenot, who joined the Saints in 2003, was not even married. He began his career as an NFL scout before being appointed to director of pro scouting after 10 seasons. Terry was promoted to deputy general manager and vice president of professional people in 2020. Terry and Tanya had four children at this point, the youngest of whom was born during the epidemic. Terry succeeded Thomas Dimitroff, who had been sacked along with coach Dan Quinn. Terry recently introduced the Falcons’ new head coach, Raheem Morris, with the two promising a good relationship.

Meet Tanya Fontenot, Terry’s wife

Terry Fontenot knew he would marry Tanya Fontenot (née Prudhome) when he first met her in 1997. Tanya was a freshman cheerleader at LaGrange High School, where the Falcons’ general manager played football as a sophomore. In an interview, Terry describes his first conversation with Tanya. Terry and his buddies were preparing to go to a football game. Before entering the bus, Fontenot’s gaze landed on Tanya, and he instantly began doing additional pushups.

Terry Fontenot

Their next encounter was at Taco Bell, where Terry enlisted the aid of his pals to distract Tanya’s friends so he could spend some time chatting with her. Tanya claimed in their joint interview that she was not interested in Terry during their first encounters. However, she immediately discovered that the football manager was a lovely person and thought Terry would make an excellent spouse. Terry and Tanya, a football couple, were raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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Previously, the two were featured in an ESPN piece after the devastation caused by Hurricane Laura. Tanya’s parents, Mike and Josetta Prudhome, reside near Lake Charles and have been touched by the aftermath. Tanya’s family house was devastated, but it wasn’t until Tanya and her four children traveled to Lake Charles to mourn her grandpa that they saw the full extent of the hurricane’s destruction.

Terry and Tanya intended to aid the town where they grew up. In a 2021 ESPN story, the pair said that they were brainstorming ideas about what and how they might do this. Tanya is active on Facebook and has previously uploaded a few family images.

Terry and Tanya Fontenot Share Four Kids

Terry Fontenot presented his children in a video shortly after becoming the Falcons’ general manager. The video included his three older children, as well as sounds from his wife and another child in the background. Terry stated in the video that it was difficult for his three older children to leave Louisiana since they had grown up rooting for the New Orleans Saints. Terry was not even married when he started working in Louisiana. Terry and Tanya’s first child was a girl who looked to be interested in cheering, much like her mother. Tanya has provided a few views of her daughter performing in cheering contests.

Terry Fontenot

Terry’s second kid, son Kaiden, seems to be interested in football. Kaiden was spotted wearing the same outfit as his father during draft night in 2022. The couple’s third child, Landree Marie, was born in 2019, and the family even had a gender reveal ceremony. In 2020, the family welcomed their most recent addition, a baby girl. Previously, the Atlanta Falcons website included many photos from the Fontenots family’s first visit to Atlanta in 2021.

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