Who Is Sherise Campbell? Meet Tafari Campbell Wife: Married Life And Kids

Tafari Campbell’s Wife, Sherise Campbell, is also a talented chef who is grieving her husband’s death. Continue reading to find out more about their marriage. Sherise Campbell is a skilled chef with a lengthy history in the culinary arts. She also runs Sweet Sage Baking and Catering, a bakery and catering business.

Her bakery services Northern Virginia as well as the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. Sherise said in a 2021 interview that she started her company after realizing she wanted to do more for herself.Aside from her professional life, Campbell is also well-known for being the wife of Tafari Campbell, a professional cook who served as Barack Obama’s personal chef.

Tafari Campbell’s Wife Sherise: Who Is She?

Sherise Campbell is married to Tafari Campbell, whom she has been married to for a long period. Sherise, as previously said, is a personality who works in the culinary arts. Sweet Sage Baking and Catering is the name of her bakery and catering firm. Sherise has had a lot of favorable comments from employees on her baking and culinary talents as a result of her exceptional abilities. She learned her trade in a culinary school. Sherise may also be found on Instagram under the handle @foodforthought1, although her account is private. As a result, Sherise wants to live a low-key existence rather than expose every detail to the public.

Sherise Campbell

Sherise Campbell and Tafari Campbell’s Married Life

Tafari Campbell and Sherise Campbell were married for almost two decades and had the love relationship of a husband and wife. It is unknown precisely when the couple married. The Campbells kept their personal lives well out of the public eye. Due to a lack of information, no details of their wedding can be revealed. Apart from that, Tafari used to communicate photos with his wife while concealing her identity. Campbell uploaded this image on Instagram with the message “Happy 21st Anniversary!!!!” on October 9, 2020. Tafari shared a wedding picture with his followers as the couple celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.

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Sherise Campbell

Savin and Xavier Campbell are the children of Sherise Campbell.

Sherise Campbell and her husband, Tafari Campbell, had been married for nearly 23 years and had raised a family of their own. The Campbells welcomed two children, twins Savin and Xavier. Campbell’s twins are reportedly 19 years old. Both of his children have remained out of the spotlight. As a result, it is impossible to confirm what they are up to.

However, it is possible that Savin and Xavier are at school. Apart from that, Tafari used to post pictures of his children on Instagram. Tafari may be found on Instagram under the account @thymeless_creations if you want to explore their experiences. As of today, the whole Campbell family is in grief since they have lost the most crucial member of their family.

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