Who Is Omi Hopper From “Next Level Chef” Season 2?

Omi Hopper will appear in season 2 of Next Level Chef, which will air on Sunday, February 12, 2023, after the Super Bowl at 10:30 p.m. ET. The show will move to Fox every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET starting with the second episode. The series will follow Omi and 17 other chefs as they compete for the coveted title and $250,000 financial prize.

Omi’s path on Next Level Chef is interesting. Her cosmetics studio and day job at Sephora were both closed due to COVID and the subsequent lockdown. This ultimately resulted in the chef spending time in the kitchen cooking for friends and family while filming himself to preserve his Puerto Rican culinary heritage.

She began her adventures on TikTok, where her one-minute films quickly became popular, garnering thousands of views. The chef and other contestants were split into three teams as she entered the culinary competition series, each with a mentor in the form of chef Gordon Ramsay, chef Nyesha Arrington and chef Richard Blais. Winners receive not only titles and financial rewards, but also a year of mentorship from three celebrity chefs.

Omi Hopper, a participant of the Next Level Chef, started her cooking career on TikTok.

Omi is determined to provide for her family after losing her job due to the pandemic by preserving Puerto Rican traditions through her food. Her one-minute TikTok videos caught the chef’s attention a lot. The Next Level Chef candidate is currently best known on social media as “Cooking Con Omi” (Cooking with Omi), with over 295k followers on Instagram, 52k followers on YouTube and more than 410 thousand followers on TikTok.

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Omi . funnel

Omi was born in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, and at the age of 11 moved to Providence, Rhode Island. She warmly recalls the summers she spent at her grandparents’ house, which motivated her to continue her Puerto Rican heritage through her cuisine. The Next Level Chef candidate reflected on her drive and wide social media presence in an interview with TODAY. Omi wants her food to reflect what she has learned from the women in her life. She stated:

“I started cooking at a very young age with my grandmother and aunts. They are a group of women with a lot of enthusiasm. As a result, I grew up watching them always have fun in the kitchen, cooking, dancing, making jokes and eager to test each other’s cooking skills.”

Her dishes now bring people together and even bring them back to memories of the past. Omi told the newspaper that she was aware of her obligation not only to be involved but also to prepare food for people as her social media channels became popular.

Omi . funnel

Omi told The Providence Journal that the only way she can help her films get attention on social media is by creating new material every day. To make sure his food videos reach the desired audience, the chef had to research the right algorithms. She stated:

“The food and the cooking have to inspire me, and I want others to enjoy watching it.”

The Next Level Chef finalist is currently working with sponsors and other influencers to help her company expand. She also pays homage to her grandmother by inventing her own brand of sofrito, Mi Sofrito Fresqusito, which is a blend of herbs, spices and other flavors used as a base for moistening. real Latin. The chef is also working on additional merchandise.

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Omi’s path to starting her own food company began after she was inspired by an online Zoom class and was awarded a business grant. She then met Lisa Raiola, the president and creator of Hope & Main, and began training to start her own culinary company. The cast of The Next Level Chef doesn’t speak in the typical “recipe style” of many food bloggers and TikTokers. According to news sites, she finds recipes difficult because she has her own process and taste in food. Omi is currently transforming into a food entrepreneur, developing two new items. The first is a freeze-dried version of her sofrito, and the second is a marinade made from it.

Both of these ingredients can be delicious additions to Latino recipes, she claims. Her husband, Kradin Hopper, whom she calls a “thinker,” is helping her establish her own brand. Omi appeared on Next Level Chef as a member of chef Nyesha Arrington’s team. Food show participants will prepare amazing meals to keep them safe until one of them wins a coveted title, cash reward, and mentorship. Viewers will have to adjust to see everything. Don’t miss the premiere of the first season of Next Level Chef season 2 on Fox on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 10:30 p.m. ET after the Super Bowl.

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