Who Is Mel Coleman? Meet Annabel Croft Husband: Married Life And Tragic Death

For decades, Annabel Croft, a former British tennis star, has been a household figure in sports and entertainment. But, despite her spectacular profession, there’s a heartbreaking narrative about her personal life, notably her sad marriage to Mel Coleman. In this tribute, we look at Annabel Croft’s husband, Mel Coleman, and the influence he had on her life.

Annabel Croft’s Husband Mel Coleman

Annabel Croft married Mel Coleman in 1992, and their love story extended over three decades. Mel Coleman, a worldwide America’s Cup and Admiral’s Cup winner, added a new dimension to Annabel’s life. Their voyage, however, took a devastating turn when Mel died of cancer. This vivacious guy had complained of stomach problems for two months before his death, leaving Annabel and their family in a state of bereavement. Mel Coleman was just 60 years old when he died.

Mel Coleman

Tragic Death of Mel Coleman

Annabel Croft was heartbroken to learn about Mel Coleman’s death. Their 30-year marriage had been a tribute to their lasting love and camaraderie. They raised three grown-up children together, forming a close-knit family that shared many cherished experiences.

Annabel Croft’s Relationship with Her Late Husband

Annabel Croft and Mel Coleman had a beautiful life together until tragedy struck. Annabel, a former British tennis star, set various records throughout her career. The couple had two girls and a boy, which strengthened their closeness as a loving family.

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Mel Coleman’s Addiction to Strictly Come Dancing

Mel Coleman was a big fan of the renowned television program Strictly Come Dancing. He was a die-hard fan of the show who watched it regularly. He had no idea that his wife, Annabel Croft, would eventually go on Strictly Come Dancing, fulfilling a dream they may have previously shared.

Strictly Come Dancing: Annabel Croft’s Emotional Moments

Annabel Croft’s experience on Strictly Come Dancing was filled with emotional highs and lows. During the concert, she delivered a poignant homage to her late spouse, eliciting compassion and support from the audience. Her professional partner, Johannes Radebe, was instrumental in bringing her solace during these trying times.

Annabel Croft

Mel Coleman’s Cancer Battle

Mel Coleman’s cancer fight was a heartbreaking struggle. He was diagnosed with stage three cancer, and despite his valiant efforts, he succumbed to the illness. The timeframe of his illness and death serves as a reminder of life’s fragility.


Finally, Mel Coleman was more than Annabel Croft’s husband; he was a cherished character whose presence brightened the lives of all who knew him. His terrible death in May at the age of 60 left an unfillable loss. We commemorate his legacy and the profound impression he made on those who knew him as we pay homage to him and the undying love he shared with Annabel.


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