Who Is Khoo Jin-An? Meet Liu Ling Ling Husband: Married Life And Kids

Liu Ling Ling Husband is a well-known businessman and the television presenter’s adoring husband. The couple seemed to live a nice life. Liu Lingling is a well-known Singaporean performer with over 50 years of retail entertainment expertise. She’s not just a singer and presenter, but she’s also an actor, having appeared in many Mediacorp drama series and local films.

Her contributions to Singapore’s entertainment sector have earned her a cult following, with audiences captivated by her intriguing performances and various abilities. Liu Lingling has established himself as a renowned and adored figure in the entertainment industry over the course of more than five decades. Through her singing, presenting, and acting, she had an indelible influence on Singapore’s entertainment sector.

Who Is Liu Ling Ling’s Husband, Khoo Jin-An?

Khoo Jin-an is the spouse of Liu Ling Ling, a well-known television personality and performer. Despite his modest public image, he has received media attention because of his affiliation with Liu Ling Ling. In 2022, Khoo Jin-an, Liu Ling Ling, and their eight-year-old son Caleb Ang Xiang appeared on a TV program together for the first time as a family. During the episode, Khoo Jin-an was lovingly referred to as “Daddy Khoo,” emphasizing their family’s close-knit and loving attitude.

Liu Ling Ling

While specifics of Khoo Jin-an’s business operations are not generally visible in public search results, he is a successful businessman. His ability to have a quiet existence and escape the limelight stands in stark contrast to his wife’s high-profile profession in the entertainment world. The fact that Khoo Jin-an is 59 years old adds some background to his life and connection with Liu Ling. Despite his relative obscurity, Khoo Jin-an plays an important role as a caring spouse and devoted parent, as seen by the family’s public presence.

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Their shared family moments on television give a look into Liu Ling Ling’s personal life, highlighting their deep friendship and the delight they find in spending quality time together. This demonstrates their strong bond and the significance of family in their lives.

Liu Ling Ling’s son Caleb Ang Xiang and Her Family

Caleb Ang Xiang, Liu Ling Ling’s son, and her family have received public attention for a variety of reasons. Caleb’s biological father, billionaire Qiu Jinhai, was disclosed in 2018. This admission put an end to suspicions regarding Liu’s connection with Qiu, revealing that Caleb was born by In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and demonstrating Liu’s transparency about her parenting journey. The family made a notable appearance on a TV program in 2022, marking their first public excursion as a family unit.

Liu Ling Ling

This was a pleasant moment for viewers since they had not before been shown together on television, emphasizing the value of their friendship. When she raised worries about her son’s safety, presumably due to her husband’s financial issues, Liu Ling Ling’s protective attitude was clear. Caleb is her “everything,” stressing the significance of her family in her life.

Parenting and family participation have a favorable influence on a child’s education and development. Liu Ling Ling Ling’s active engagement in her son’s life is likely to benefit his well-being and development. Despite the difficulties and public attention, Liu Ling Ling and her son’s family remain a source of comfort and pleasure.

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