Who Is Heimir Hallgrímsson? Meet Icelandic Football Manager

Heimir Hallgrmsson is a significant outlier in the current age of football, as coaches normally climb via established coaching academies. This interesting character, born on June 10, 1967, in Iceland’s isolated Westman Islands, juggled two opposing occupations – one as a dentist and the other as a player. But who is Heimir Hallgrmsson, and how did he go from cleaning teeth to planning plays on the football field?

Heimir’s path is both uncommon and inspiring in Iceland, a country known for its gorgeous landscapes rather than football talent. Initially pursuing a 21-year career in lower-league football, he also worked as a dentist in his neighborhood. This dual work path may seem unusual to most people, yet it represents the core of Icelandic resilience and flexibility.

Background and Early Years

Hallgrmsson’s ancestors are from the peaceful Westman Islands. He acquired a love of football while growing up in this remote area. Concurrently, Heimir studied dental education, securing a secure profession in his hometown. As a result, he had two roles: handling tackles on the field and dealing with dental difficulties off the field. In his early years, he played football at Iceland’s lower levels. These formative years not only sharpened his playing abilities but also ingrained in him a thorough awareness of the game’s subtleties.

Heimir Hallgrímsson

Rise to Notoriety in Icelandic Football

For those wondering, “Who is Heimir Hallgrmsson?” his affiliation with Icelandic football provides a convincing explanation. While his on-field efforts were admirable, it was his off-field achievements that catapulted him into the spotlight.

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Heimir moved his concentration to coaching in 2009. During this changeover, he led the women’s squad at BV first, and then the men’s team. By 2013, his ability had piqued the interest of national selectors, earning him the position of assistant manager of Iceland’s national football team.

Coaching Transition

Heimir’s rise through the coaching ranks was rapid. While his foundation was laid at BV, the national stage allowed him to showcase his tactical ability. Along with co-manager Lars Lagerbäck, he led Iceland to the 2016 UEFA European Championship, the country’s first major tournament since 1974. Iceland advanced to the quarter-finals, which was no minor accomplishment.

Career in Management

Heimir continued to mold Icelandic football after the European Championship. After multiple great seasons, he waved goodbye to the Icelandic squad in 2019. His tactical brilliance, on the other hand, did not go ignored. By 2022, he had begun a new path, this time as coach of the Jamaica national football team.

Recognition and Influence

Heimir Hallgrmsson’s narrative exemplifies the notion that limits are often self-imposed. Beyond football methods, he has instilled faith in Icelandic players and fans. His culture of hard effort, adaptation, and continual learning is strongly felt not just in Iceland, but across the world.

Heimir Hallgrímsson


So, when someone asks, “Who is Heimir Hallgrmsson?” the answer is complex. He’s a dentist, a player, a strategist, and, most importantly, a source of inspiration. His journey from the calm surroundings of the Westman Islands to the loud football stadiums is a story of dedication and devotion.

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