Who Is Dorýs Madden? Her Age, Height, Net Worth

You can either let a scandalous situation control the rest of your life or move on regardless. Dors Madden is clearly leaning toward the latter option. Madden is a businesswoman from Honduras who now lives in the United States. She is also the wife of legendary basketball player and three-time champion Julius Ervin. Madden and Erving met while the player was still married to his long-term wife, which did not help their romance. They were also hampered by their significant age difference, which led to unsavory insinuations. The couple was able to overcome this, and they are still together and thriving with their children more than a decade later.

Dorýs Madden’s Biography

Dors Madden was born on October 17, 1969, making her 53 years old. Her given name at birth was Dors L. Ramirez, and she is of Honduran descent, so she is Latina. Madden spent her formative years in her motherland, surrounded by friends and family members who referred to her as Chapulin, a type of cricket. While Madden was known as Chapulin as a child, her future husband was known as Doctor or Dr. J in high school. Julius Erving is a native New Yorker who was born on February 22, 1950. He grew up in East Meadow and Hempstead, but it was at Roosevelt High School that he first showed the basketball skills that would propel him to the top.

Dorýs Madden

Dorýs Madden’s Career

She came to the United States in her twenties and ran a tobacco retail business in Florida. Dors Madden grew up in Honduras and finished her education at the Instituto Central Vincente Caceres, a grammar school in the Honduran capital city of Tegucigalpa. She graduated in 1988 and moved to America in search of the aforementioned greener pastures. Madden settled in Florida and worked a variety of jobs to make ends meet. One of these jobs was selling tobacco products, and it was while doing so that she met Julius Erving, who was then retired from the NBA.

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Dorýs Madden’s Relationship Status

Julius Erving Began Dating Madden He was still married to his first wife, Turquoise Brown, at the time.Doris Madden and Julius Erving met and started dating in the late 1990s. Because the NBA legend was still married at the time, they kept their affair a secret. The two were able to keep their affair hidden for a long time and even had a child in 1998. Turquoise, Erving’s wife, later discovered what was going on and filed for divorce in May 2002. It should be noted that Dors Madden’s affair with Julius Erving was not the only reason his first wife divorced him. The straw that broke the camel’s back was only the last straw.

Julius Erving is a self-avowed womanizer who cheated on his wife with a sports journalist named Samantha Stevenson in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The affair produced a daughter named Alexandra in 1981, but her paternity was not revealed until 1999. Another issue that strained Erving and his first wife’s relationship was the disappearance and death of their youngest child, Cory, in 2000. A nationwide search was launched for him, and his body and car were discovered in a pond two months after he went missing. Cory’s death was ruled an accidental drowning, but this provided no solace to his bereaved parents.

They later married. Erving and his first wife, Turquoise Brown, fought over the property during their divorce proceedings, but they eventually reached an agreement, and the divorce was finalized around 2003. Erving was now a free man, and he and Madden could conduct their romance in public. They grew in love with each other and married in 2008. Their entire relationship and marriage may have received criticism for how it began, but the negative comments faded after they married. The couple is still happily married, and they even went on a lavish trip to Las Vegas in October 2012 to renew their vows.

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Dorýs Madden’s Children

Dors Madden and Julius Erving have had three children during their marriage. Their first child, a son named Jules, was born on January 1, 1998. Their two other children are a son named Justin and a daughter named Julieta. Jules has reached adulthood and is attempting to follow in his father’s footsteps. He is a small forward who attended Holy Innocents Episcopal School in Atlanta, Georgia, during his high school years. As a senior, he was the captain of his high school team and averaged 16 points in 22 appearances.

Jules is currently a member of the University of California Berkeley’s NCAA team, the California Golden Bears. He joined them in 2017 and is doing well. He is also doing well in school and plans to major in politics or medicine. Aside from the children he and Madden share, Erving has five more children: Cheo, Julius III, Jazmin, Corey (d. 2002), and Alexandra, and he does his best to be a good father to them all. Given all of the cheating, it doesn’t seem likely that Madden has any close relationship with her stepkids. She should, however, be on good terms with them because they would occasionally visit their father.

Age Gap Between Dors Madden and Julius Erving

Dors Madden and her husband, Erving Julius, are 19 years apart in age. It means he was already a college basketball star when she was born in 1969. He had retired from the NBA after a glorious 16-year career in which he had won numerous accolades, including one NBA championship, two ABA championships, NBA MVP (1x), ABA MVP (3x), ABA All-Star (5x), and NBA All-Star (11x). Madden and Erving married in 2008 when she was around 39 and he was 58. This did not help their already troubled romance, and many speculated that Madden was with Erving for his money while he wanted to maintain the illusion of youth. Others, however, suggested that it could have been a case of two people finding true love at an unexpected time and in an unexpected place.

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Doris Madden and Julius Erving have moved on from the scandalous beginnings of their love story. The couple is not one to seek attention, but they have been seen at a number of award ceremonies and charity events. In 2012, one of them was the annual Harold Pump Foundation Gala. They also attended the 2019 ESPYs on July 10th, 2019. In 2013, Madden and her husband also established the Dorys Erving Fit Youth Foundation. The non-profit organization is dedicated to combating childhood obesity through education, healthier food access, and fit clinics.

Dorýs Madden’s Net Worth

Dors Madden has an estimated net worth of $500,000, with her main source of income coming from her time as a retail tobacco product dealer. Tobacco may be harmful, but it is still a multibillion-dollar industry worth $818 billion per year. Madden is also said to own American Royalty, a steakhouse in Atlanta, Georgia. The lady is thus doing well for herself, but her net worth is still significantly lower than that of her husband. Julius Erving has a net worth of $50 million as a result of his NBA professional and endorsement fees. He has become a consummate businessman since his retirement, having invested in a Coca-Cola bottling plant, a NASCAR team, and a celebrity golf course. Erving also wrote his memoir in 2013 and received a $1 million advance for it.


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