Who Is Darryl Taylor From “Next Level Chef” Season 2?

Next Level Chef is returning for a new season, and 18 new cooks are ready to compete in a culinary challenge. The show’s second season will air on Fox on Sunday, February 12 at 10:30 p.m. ET, after the Super Bowl. For the mentoring, contestants will be placed into three groups. Darryl Taylor, an Atlanta-based chef, is one of the world-renowned chefs competing for the $250,000 grand prize with team Richard Blais. Taylor founded Epicurean Drama Caterers and Events, a food-related company, 12 years ago.

His patrons commend him for providing outstanding service with a “little dash of drama, Epicurean Drama to be specific.” While preparing dishes, he is renowned for tossing aside all the spoons, measuring cups, and regulations. Taylor is known as “Chef Drama” because of his spectacular catering presentations.

Next Level Chef is described by Fox as follows:

“Talented contenders from throughout the nation battle against one another and demonstrate their culinary abilities in front of a panel of respected judges to win the coveted title.”

Darryl Taylor, a Next Level Chef competitor, appeared as a guest presenter on ABC’s In Good Taste.

Darryl Taylor, 52, is a chef who appeared as a guest presenter on ABC’s In Good Taste series. Before relocating to Atlanta, he worked as an Associate Chef at many event firms in Memphis, Tennessee, and he was also the owner of Taylor’s Riverfront, an upmarket event venue. Darryl then founded Epicurean Drama Caterers & Events, which is known for serving up fresh, modern, and showy food and décor. Many celebrities have used the company’s services, including NeNe Leakes, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Samuel L. Jackson, and Phaedra Parks.

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Darryl Taylor

His company’s slogan is:

“When it is worth remembering, Epicurean Drama.”

The Next Level Chef competitor said in an interview that he originally declined to be a part of the program. However, he said that he only agreed to participate since Gordon Ramsay was one of the mentors. Darryl acknowledged Ramsay is a hero in his novel, saying:

“I’ve always claimed that if I ever did a program with him, he wouldn’t speak to me like that, but I never thought I’d have a chance to go on one of his shows.”

Taylor said in one of the interviews before the filming that he would marry Ramsay if he could. He afterward requested that the videographer erase the tape, but the latter refused. Darryl recognized immediately after the tournament started that Gordon had seen the tape and was pursuing him. When Ramsay asked what his favorite sandwich was, he said “a curry chicken sandwich with sun-dried cranberries.”

Darryl stated that the sandwich was popular among his customers, but Gordon dismissed it as “s*it on bread.” The former fired back at Ramsay, saying,

“Well, let me tell you something. It’ll make you want to smack your mother.”

Darryl Taylor


Taylor subsequently said that he didn’t bother him much after that. On the set of Next Level Chef, he was also dubbed “Chef Drama” by his coworkers. Darryl went on to remark that meeting Ramsay was a “out-of-body experience.” Watch the season 2 premiere of Next Level Chef on Fox on Sunday, February 12, 2023, to witness Darryl’s impressions of instructors Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais. Following the spectacular launch, the culinary-competitive series will run on Fox every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET.

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