Who Are Lorraine Golden & Leroy Fennell? Meet Jeremiah Fennell Parents

Jeremiah Fennell is determined to make his parents, Lorraine Golden and Leroy Fennell, very proud while they are still young. Faced with the hardships of a difficult upbringing, Jeremiah’s devotion derives from his mother’s health issues and the fact that his father, Leroy, is a senior citizen. Despite the challenges, Jeremiah desires to be an extraordinary son, making his parents pleased at such an early age. Jeremiah Fennell is just 11 years old, but he is already having an impact in the sports world as a writer.

He drew everyone’s notice when he appeared in a blue shirt and tie on the “Jennifer Hudson Show” in February 2023. The budding journalist said that he became interested in sports reporting since he was unable to participate in sports. He aspires to be a writer, sports commentator, company owner, and investor, all of which would make his parents happy. People all around the globe love his work, particularly his conversations with well-known athletes like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Meet Jeremiah Fennell’s Parents

Lorraine Golden and Leroy Fennell, Jeremiah’s loving parents, gave him birth. His parents are American citizens of African-American ancestry. Jeremiah, a budding reporter at the age of 11, lives with his adoring parents in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jeremiah Fennell

However, the family’s story includes a chapter set in California, implying a brief time motivated by professional obligations. Lorraine Golden, Jeremiah’s mother, adds a digital aspect to his journey by effectively managing his social media profile. She graciously shares snippets of her son’s journalistic endeavors via her lens, giving viewers a virtual front-row seat to his appearances at various events and programs.

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 Jeremiah Fennell On His Parents

Jeremiah, a young American reporter, has enormous love and regard for his parents. From a young age, his conscientious activities are motivated by a single goal: to see the bright smiles on his parents’ cheeks. In February 2023, Jeremiah appeared on the Jennifer Hudson Show. There, he expressed his enthusiasm for athletics and, more significantly, his deep affection for his parents.

His athletic career started at the age of four, overcoming early medical obstacles that would have prevented others. Doctors had advised avoiding contact sports owing to a brain abnormality and a dislocated shoulder bone. Jeremiah, on the other hand, worked out an unusual agreement with his parents, agreeing to play football, T-ball, and hoops for a year before shifting into sports writing and broadcasting.

“I wanted to hone my craft in journalism and broadcasting,”

Jeremiah Fennell

When Jeremiah opened up about a difficult time in his life, the emotional depth of his relationship with his parents became clear. Recounting a month of absence with his mother, who navigated the ICU, he said,

“For a month, I didn’t see my mother because she was in ICU, and they were the worst 30 days of my life. I had a lengthy conversation with God, and I promised him, “If you can bring my mother back, I will be the best son I could ever be.”

He also mentioned his father’s elderly age, expressing a deep desire to make his parents proud.

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