Which Is The Correct Plural Spelling? (It’s a Trick Question)

Definition: exhalation formerly believed to cause disease

Most words have a single plural form, while others feel the need to have two. Others are still more gluttonous (such as octopusIts plural could be octopus, octopusor octopus) and requires three different plurals. Mirage is one of those three. So if you have more than one of these exhalations (and we hope you never will), they can be described as miasma, miasmaor miasma.

No, sir – an intimate cup the size of a sack, laced with wormwood is the best antidote; and, to be honest, noxious miasma is very common in the atmosphere right now.—Anon., Mary of Scotland, or Heir of Avenel1821

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