What’s The Gender Of Mattie Westbrouck?

Mattie Westbrouck was born female, but by her adolescence, the TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram star was already having doubts about her sexuality. As a result, Mattie came out as a non-binary transgender person.

The 5 feet 10-inch internet sensation has been enjoying life as a queer since joining the LGBTQ community. In fact, Mattie Westbrouck recently began dating a girl named Isabella Avila, who is also a successful social media star.

Mattie Westbrouck’s Biography

Mattie Westbrouck was born a female, according to the records. Mattie Westbrouck was born Madeline, but she does not prefer any specific pronouns; she is comfortable being addressed by any pronoun. At the age of 13, she began to question her sexuality and later identified as a member of the queer community. After noticing her dating a girl from Spanish class, her brother, Nolan, was the first to inform their family. Mattie’s family has accepted her identity after an initial period of shock.

On September 3, 2000, the TikTok star joined the Westbrouck family; her proud parents, Baron and Adriana Westbrouck, saw her as their little girl, and she spent the first 13 years of her life as a female.

Mattie began to question her own sexuality after turning 13 in 2013. Mattie Westbrouck, a 14-year-old girl, had no doubts about her sexual orientation by the time she turned 14.

The TikTok star wasted no time in making the conscious decision to come out as a non-binary transgender person. Her official outing was immediately documented in a video and shared with fans on social media platforms.

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Mattie Westbrouck’s

Parents React On Mattie Westbrouck’s Gender

While Mattie Westbrouck struggled to understand her sexuality, the social media star’s parents were completely unaware of her difficulties. They only found out what was going on through their oldest child, Nolan Westbrook, who is Mattie’s big brother.

While Mattie was in high school, the social media sensation attended Spanish classes where she met a girl and soon began dating. When he discovered that his baby sister was dating her fellow girl. Nolan, who was taken aback by the news, informed their parents, who were also taken aback by the strange development.

Baron and Adriana were taken aback because their little girl had never shown any overt signs of being transgender at home, leading the couple to believe she was a normal girl. Besides, Mattie was still a minor at the time.

Though Mattie’s coming out as gay shocked them, Baron and Adriana quickly recovered and gradually began to accept their daughter’s new sexuality. Even Mattie’s siblings have come to accept her for who she is.

Mattie Westbrouck’s Gender Preference

When she started posting videos on her social media, fans were curious about the pronouns she used to describe herself. However, now that Mattie Westbrouck appears to have completed her journey into the LGBTQ spectrum, the internet star revealed that she has no preferred pronoun and is perfectly fine with being addressed as him/he, she/her, or them/they.

To Mattie Westbrouck, it doesn’t matter which pronoun you use to address her; thus, she never bothered to state any categorically. Furthermore, the TikTok star is not one to create gender-based content; Mattie’s only wish is for fans to respect her humanity. Millions of fans have taken to the TikTok star’s videos’ comment sections to advocate for her.

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Mattie Westbrouck’s surgery

There is no evidence that Mattie underwent any type of surgery before deciding to come out officially as a non-binary transgender person. We must also acknowledge that Mattie came out while she was still a minor, at the age of 14.

It would be impossible for an underage teenager to obtain permission for such surgery. Even though he is in his early twenties, there has been no word of plastic surgery or sex transformation for the internet sensation.

Mattie Westbrouck’s Relationship Status

Fans were curious about Mattie’s preferred gender after she officially came out as a member of the LGBTQ community at the age of 14. Their curiosity was satisfied when the TikTok star revealed that he had found love in the arms of a female.

Isabella Avila, a fellow social media personality who is making waves on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, was quickly revealed as Mattie’s love interest. Bella, who is only in her early twenties, has 17 million TikTok followers and counting.

Mattie Westbrouck’s On Youtube Channel

Her YouTube channel currently has over 2.8 million subscribers, and Bella has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Though we don’t know when or how they began, Mattie and Bella have been quite vocal about their affair, as the celebrity couple is constantly sharing information about each other on the internet.

A good example was Mattie’s Valentine’s Day post, which showed the couple kissing and hugging with the caption, “Fall in love with your best friend, and every day will feel effortless, Happy V day, my love.”

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One positive result of the news of the couple’s relationship is that both internet personalities’ followings grew as Mattie’s followers began following Bella and vice versa. Mattie and Bella are still thought to be alive and well, as no negative news has emerged from their end.

Mattie Westbrouck’s Past Relationship Status

As previously stated, Mattie Westbrouck’s first relationship with a girl in her Spanish class informed his family of the internet star’s sexual orientation. The details of their relationship were never revealed, nor was the identity of the girl revealed, but reports said they were together for a while before breaking up.

There was a time when it was widely assumed that Mattie had a boyfriend named Camdyn Grey. Camdyn also works in the same industry as a TikTok star. Fans’ curiosity about this rumored affair was satisfied when Mattie clarified in a Q&A session that they were just good friends and had never dated.


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