What happened to Dustin Williams? Body of 40-year-old man found floating in Mobile bay

The lifeless body of 40-year-old Dustin Williams was discovered floating in Mobile Bay on Monday, August 21, 2023. Williams had been swimming in the bay area from a public access point on Hammock Road the previous Sunday. Following days of investigation, authorities identified the deceased as Dustin Williams of Theodore on Friday, August 25.

Family members of Dustin Williams disclosed that he frequently enjoyed swimming in Mobile Bay. While grappling with their profound loss, the family believes that there is little possibility of foul play contributing to his disappearance or demise. They also revealed that Dustin had served in the US Army for five years.

In response to this tragedy, a GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to help cover the funeral expenses for Dustin Williams. The grieving family is grappling with the emotional aftermath of their sudden loss.

The sequence of events leading to the discovery unfolded when authorities were alerted to a body found floating near the Dog River Bridge in Mobile Bay on Monday. On Wednesday, August 23, they reached out to Dustin Williams’ family, suggesting that the body might belong to the 40-year-old resident of Theodore. Subsequent DNA testing on Thursday, August 24, confirmed this identification.

Reflecting on their loss, Dustin’s brother, Roger Alexander, shared,

“He was a really great guy. Everybody loved him. Really funny, devoted husband, and loving father. It’s tragic.”

According to his family, Dustin ventured into the bay waters at the end of Hammock Road on Sunday, August 20. This was the same area where his belongings and vehicle were later discovered. On Monday evening around 6:30 pm, the Mobile Police Department’s marine unit responded to a call about a “water-related” incident, leading to the recovery of Dustin Williams’ body.

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Law enforcement officials unveiled that a boater had encountered Dustin Williams on Sunday while he was in the water. Williams assured the boater that he was safe and not in distress. However, the following day, another individual spotted his body floating in the bay.

Torie Cornett, the passenger who made the discovery, recounted,

“I thought it was a barrel, but my friend actually said it was a body, then we saw it and turned around and called 911 right away.”

About an hour later, responding officers arrived and retrieved Dustin Williams’ remains. Roger, his brother, further lamented,

“He wasn’t reported missing. No one knew. It happened so fast. It’s really taken a toll. It was a hard loss for us.”

Dustin’s family firmly believes that his passing was accidental, with no signs of foul play. They highlighted his strong swimming abilities and stressed the importance of avoiding solo swimming to prevent such tragic incidents.

To assist with funeral costs, a GoFundMe campaign aims to raise $2,500. At the time of writing, the fundraiser had exceeded $2,200, contributed by more than 15 supporters. The fundraising post commemorated Dustin Williams, saying,

“He was taken unexpectedly and leaves behind his family of a wife, children, brother, sister, and loving extended family. He was a big gentle teddy bear that served his country in the army, a loving father, and sibling.”

Authorities confirmed that they are actively investigating the circumstances. An autopsy will also be conducted to ascertain the cause of Dustin Williams’ untimely death.

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