What happened to Clemson last night? What did he Say after the game?

In a surprising turn of events, Clemson faced a shocking upset loss last night to Duke, with a final score of 28-7. Despite entering the game as the sixth-ranked team and holding several statistical advantages, including more passing and rushing yards, as well as 12 additional first downs compared to Duke, Clemson was unable to capitalize on their opportunities.

Two blocked field goals and two critical fumbles near the endzone proved to be costly for Clemson, leaving Coach Dabo Swinney to describe the game as the “weirdest” he had ever experienced. This unexpected loss deals a significant blow to Clemson’s aspirations of returning to the College Football Playoff and raises questions about the team’s recent struggles, casting doubt on their ability to maintain their status as one of college football’s top programs.

Following the game, Coach Dabo Swinney expressed his frustration and disappointment with Clemson’s performance, labeling it as an unusual contest marked by missed opportunities in the red zone and turnovers as contributing factors to their defeat.


— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 5, 2023

Despite the setback, Swinney remained unwavering in his belief in the team’s potential and resilience, affirming that he wasn’t giving up on them. He conveyed optimism about the remainder of the season, emphasizing the team’s determination to bounce back from this unexpected loss and prove their mettle in the games to come.

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