What did Bob Young do? Ohio State Rep. resigns amidst domestic violence charges

On Friday, September 8, 2023, Ohio State Representative Bob Young made headlines as he tendered his resignation amidst a series of domestic violence charges filed against him. The resignation, which is set to take effect on October 2 of this year, was communicated to GOP House Speaker, Jason Stephens.

Young’s legal troubles began in July when he faced misdemeanor domestic violence and assault charges. The situation escalated in August when he was arrested for the second time. Following this, more than 30 Ohio House Republicans issued a letter, urging Young to step down and raising concerns about his conduct.

As of now, Speaker Jason Stephens has acknowledged receiving Young’s resignation letter but has refrained from commenting further. Young is presently out on bond, and his hearing is pending in Barberton Municipal Court.

The initial incident that led to Young’s first arrest occurred on July 7, 2023, during a private party at his residence following a GOP fundraiser. It was reported that when Young’s wife attempted to call the police, he allegedly slapped her and tossed her phone into the swimming pool. Their daughter was said to have witnessed the altercation through a window. Young’s wife spoke to law enforcement, alleging that he had slapped her, yelled at one of her friends, and physically harmed her when she intervened.

The subsequent report revealed that Young’s wife and daughter sought refuge at his brother’s residence following the incident. According to Young’s brother, he confronted Bob Young and informed him that he was not welcome at the house. Despite this, Young purportedly attempted to force his way inside, resulting in a physical altercation between the two brothers that led to Young falling through a glass door. Both sustained injuries, and Young was subsequently charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and assault, though he pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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The situation worsened for Young when he faced a second arrest in August, accused of violating a protective order by leaving numerous voicemails for his wife, despite being ordered not to contact her. He was released on the condition of wearing an ankle monitor.

Normal in Ohio: State Rep Bob Young is facing domestic violence/ assault charges for beating his wife and brother


he and Ohio Republican Party are facing defamation charges for falsely accusing his democrat opponent of being guilty of domestic violence pic.twitter.com/Htip36ioMT

— Ohio Legislative Watch (@OhioLegisWatch) September 9, 2023

Governor Mike DeWine expressed concern over the matter, stating, “This is a matter, obviously, that is up to the General Assembly. But these are some serious charges. It’s not a good situation. So I think he should resign.”

In his resignation letter to Speaker Stephens, Young acknowledged the distraction caused by the domestic violence allegations. He expressed his intention to vigorously defend himself and looked forward to personal and legal vindication as the court process unfolds.

Despite the allegations and legal challenges, Young has consistently denied wrongdoing, professing his love for his family. News outlets have sought comment from Young’s office but have not received a response at this time.

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