Waylon Mark Palmore identified as the man shot and killed outside Papa Johns in Lumberton

Lumberton, Texas – Following a fatal shooting outside the Papa John’s Pizza outlet on Main St. in Lumberton, the victim has been identified as 51-year-old Waylon Mark Palmore, a resident of Kirbyville. The Lumberton Police Chief, Danny Sullins, confirmed Palmore’s identity on Thursday, shedding light on the ongoing investigation into the incident, which authorities suspect might be a case of self-defense.

The unfortunate event occurred just before 8 p.m. when an altercation ensued between Palmore and another customer, right outside the entrance of Papa John’s. Chief Sullins stated that Palmore, who seemed agitated and potentially intoxicated, engaged in a dispute as he left the pizza shop, eventually leading to the fatal altercation.

Reports suggest that Palmore confronted a customer entering the establishment and escalated the situation, prompting the involvement of firearms. Palmore was found deceased at the scene, positioned near the father and son’s vehicle, following an exchange that involved him pulling out a gun and subsequently being fired upon by the son, who lawfully carried a concealed weapon.

Chief Sullins conveyed that while the father sustained an injury, likely from a bullet ricochet, he is anticipated to recover fully after undergoing surgery. The son, who discharged the shots, remained cooperative throughout the police investigation.

Hardin County District Attorney Rebecca Walton reviewed the situation alongside law enforcement officials, expressing that currently, no charges are expected to be filed. However, a comprehensive inquiry into the incident is ongoing.

Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing moments of the shooting, with Isaac Henderson from Advanced Auto Parts recalling the startling sound of gunfire during his shift, prompting an immediate call to law enforcement for assistance.

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Chief Sullins underscored the gravity of the situation, cautioning about the consequences of brandishing firearms, stressing the need for restraint and responsibility when handling weapons.

The sequence of events leading to the tragedy revealed a heated encounter initiated by Palmore, who reportedly displayed aggressive behavior before resorting to pulling out a weapon, subsequently leading to the fatal outcome. Investigations are ongoing, with authorities examining surveillance footage and gathering statements from witnesses to comprehensively ascertain the circumstances that led to this devastating incident.

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