Vaughn Cannon: Tragedy strikes as deputy allegedly fatally shoots wife in southwest Oklahoma home

In a shocking turn of events, Central Oklahoma Sheriff’s Deputy Vaughn Cannon is facing allegations of shooting his wife to death on Wednesday, August 30. The incident has sent shockwaves through the local law enforcement community, as both Vaughn Cannon and his wife, Jordan Cannon, served as deputies in the same county.

According to sources, the 41-year-old deputy is currently in custody as of August 31. Authorities have not yet disclosed the formal charges that could be levied against him in connection with the tragic incident. The local Sheriff’s Office, reeling from the loss of two of its own, has provided counselors and chaplains to support personnel who may be affected by this devastating event.

Details surrounding the incident have begun to emerge. Reports from The Norman Transcript indicate that the fatal altercation took place in the early hours of Wednesday, August 30, at the couple’s Southwest Oklahoma home. A heated argument between Vaughn and Jordan reportedly escalated, culminating in Vaughn allegedly drawing a firearm and shooting his wife.

First responders arrived at the scene around 2 am, where they discovered the lifeless body of Jordan Cannon. The suspect was arrested without any major incidents. Although Vaughn Cannon was taken into custody on a murder complaint, formal charges of homicide have not yet been filed.

The tragedy has deeply affected the Sheriff’s Office, as expressed by Chris Amason, the Sheriff of Cleveland County. He mourned the loss of two officers on the day of the fatal shooting, emphasizing the unforeseeable nature of such an event.

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“This is something no one can begin to prepare for; we ask for your thoughts and prayers as we navigate this devastating event,

” Amason stated. “We are actively trying to mend and repair this void that is left at the Sheriff’s office and in our community.”

Amidst the shock, it has come to light that there was no recorded history of domestic violence between the couple. The Oklahoma City Police Department confirmed that the incident seemed unexpected, highlighting the pervasive nature of domestic violence regardless of profession, gender, or background.

Cannon, with an extensive law enforcement career, had served with Canadian County before joining the Cleveland County authorities in 2021. His wife, Jordan, had also been working in Cleveland County since 2021, initially as a school resource officer before transitioning to patrol duty.

As the case unfolds, the motive behind the shooting and the circumstances leading to the tragic attack remain under police investigation. The community is left grappling with the loss and seeking answers in the aftermath of this heartbreaking incident.

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