Vanilla The Chimp Video captures the Heartwarming moment when she sees Sky for first time

Vanilla chimpanzee, who had endured a life of suffering as a survivor of a program of laboratory experiments, experienced pure joy when he arrived at his new sanctuary in Fort Pierce. , Florida. It was an incredibly heartwarming moment when Vanilla, a 29-year-old chimpanzee, got to witness the sky for the first time in her new home.

The Mirror reported, Vanilla was once a victim of the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine and Primate Surgery (LEMSIP) located in New York. LEMSIP, which closed in 1996, was home to about 300 chimpanzees and another 300 monkeys at its peak. Backers from the R&R Project reveal that chimpanzees like Vanilla have been deprived of outdoor access and kept in small cages. Vanilla lived in these conditions until the age of two when she was moved to a larger barn at the Wildlife Station in California.

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Vanilla’s profile on Save the Tinhmp describes the first years she spent in a biomedical research lab, where she was kept in small cages suspended above the ground. In 1995, she and 30 other chimpanzees were transferred to the Wildlife Station, where she joined a small family group.

In 2019, due to the closure of the Wildlife Station and the threat of wildfires, Vanilla and 41 other chimpanzees need to be resettled. Vanilla was among the last seven to find a new home. Thanks to the FedEx Cares program, Vanilla and her family made the cross-country trip to Florida on a FedEx plane. The Pero family farm graciously transported them to the reserve in a climate-controlled semi-truck. Relocating to Florida required the dedication of many individuals and now Vanilla wishes to call it her forever home.

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Upon arrival at the reserve, Vanilla was greeted with a warm hug from leader Dwight as she gazed out at her new three-acre island. Dwight and Vanilla share a “playful” relationship, and she even steals his food. Dr. Andrew Halloran, a primatologist with Save the Chimp, expressed that Vanilla’s new cage is a significant improvement over its previous living conditions in California. Her new world consists of a three-story climbing platform where she is usually seen sitting, observing her surroundings.

Save the Chimps is a sanctuary that provides a safe haven for 226 chimpanzees rescued from the exotic pet trade, roadside zoo, lab and recreation industry. Some of the chimpanzees cared for by this organization have never interacted with other chimpanzees. Vanilla’s Island is home to 18 other chimpanzees with whom she is very close.

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