Troy Aikman Wife: Is He Married? Relationship Timeline And Wiki

Troy Aikman is the renowned NFL quarterback who spent his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys. He has always been a mystery, particularly when it comes to his personal life. The state of his relationship with Catherine ‘Capa’ Mooty has recently sparked speculation, leading to the burning question: Is Troy Aikman married?

Troy Aikman’s Relationship Timeline

Troy’s first marriage to Rhonda Worthey started his road to marital happiness in 1998. This marriage gave birth to two lovely children, Alexa Marie and Jordan Ashley. However, by 2011, this relationship had reached its apex, resulting in divorce. Aikman’s love life entered a new chapter in 2016 when he began dating Catherine “Capa” Mooty. The pair, who seemed to be madly in love, decided to marry in 2017.

Confirmation of a recent divorce

Troy’s relationship with Catherine seemed to be on the rocks in 2023, causing a flurry of conjecture. In July 2023, a credible source verified to PEOPLE magazine that the couple had not only been separated for a long but had also completed their divorce.

Troy Aikman

Speculations and Rumors

The grapevine was buzzing with various theories regarding the grounds for the divorce. Some speculated that the pair had grown apart, while others assumed about possible adultery. However, Troy and Catherine remain mute, refusing to comment on the rumors.

Troy Aikman’s Personal Life

Despite his NFL success and exposure, Troy Aikman has been unusually quiet about his personal life. Aikman has effectively preserved an aura of mystery by making just a few statements regarding his relationships and personal life.

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Troy Aikman


The arc of Troy Aikman’s relationships has had its ups and downs. Another element in this saga is his recent divorce from Catherine “Capa” Mooty. His present relationship status and what the future holds for him remain a source of conjecture and interest.

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