Trevor Raekwon Seward receives Life Sentence for Murdering Mail Carrier ‘Irene Pressley’

Trevor Raekwon Seward, 25, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Irene Pressley, a postman, in a tragic incident in September 2019. The court found Seward guilty of murdering a federal employee. state is 64 years old as she is delivering mail in rural Williamsburg County, South Carolina.

The sequence of events begins when Seward discovers a note in his mailbox, informing him that he needs to get a large package of marijuana from the post office instead of it being delivered to his home. Upon meeting Pressley a short time later, Seward requested his package, but the mail carrier refused, as recorded in court records.

Trevor Raekwon Seward

In response, Seward armed himself with a semi-automatic rifle and awaited Pressley’s presence on a street in Andrews. When she showed up, he fired about 20 shots into the back of her mail truck, hitting her multiple times, prosecutors revealed. Seward then drove the mail truck into a ditch, searched for marijuana and any other valuables in it, and left Pressley’s body in the vehicle.

Pressley’s sister, Elisha Hubbard, expressed grief and blamed Seward for their father’s deteriorating health, and suggested that he was emotionally grieving over the loss of their daughter. During the sentencing hearing, Hubbard said that their father enjoyed the food Irene Pressley brought him every day.

As the family spoke in court, Seward listened attentively and stood up when asked by the judge if he wanted to speak. However, he declined, saying he didn’t want to cause any further confusion or make any comments, according to the reports.

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Seward’s co-conspirator, Jerome Terrell Davis, 31, pleaded guilty to robbery, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to distribute marijuana. He received a 25-year prison sentence for his participation.

It is worth noting that the mentioned package of cannabis has a minimum value. Even in Colorado, where it was legal at the time, the package would be worth about $1,600 based on state revenue data. In 2000, when marijuana was still illegal nationwide, the value of the package would not exceed $2,600, according to information from the National Drug Intelligence Center on South Carolina.

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