Timothy Adegoke Death Story, CCTV, Biography, Wife, Age & Rahman Adedoyin Case

hilton hotel owner adedoyin speaks from detention about oau students deathTimothy Adegoke Story, CCTV, Biography, Wife, Age & Rahman Adedoyin Case

The story of Timothy Adegoke

It is said that a Master student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State, Mr. Timothy Adegoke, was staying at the Hilton Hotel and Resort at Ile-Ife, when he arrived from Abuja on the day November 5, to help him arrive early for his test at the OAU Distance Learning Center, Moro, Bang Osun, on the 6th and 7th of November. The hotel is owned by Prince Adedoyin.

Somehow, that was the last one heard of him alive. His wife whom he told on November 5th that he had arrived at his hotel tried to contact him by phone the next day but there was no response as the phone just rang at all. day. She contacted people in the relationship, who also contacted OAU agencies and they told them that Adegoke had not taken the Master of Business Administration (MBA) exam he had taken. he participated.

The police were then called in, and during the investigation it was discovered that Adegoke had paid N37,000 (his hotel bill for two nights) into the account of Adedeji Tobiloba Adesola, a female employee. hotel member. Despite the fact that this hotel is the hotel of his choice, since he was there to check in before (i.e. October 22-24; and October 29-31) , the founder and hotel manager allegedly denied that Adegoke stayed at the hotel for the November 6 exam.

However, Adesola was eventually arrested and she confessed to giving the hotel Room 305 to Adegoke on November 5. Her confession is believed to have led to the arrest of six other suspects, including including an Alfa and Prince Adedoyin himself. The story is obviously longer. Indeed, it is as fascinating as it is unbelievable.

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Suffice it to say that Adegoke was killed and his body was buried. Where was he killed? Who killed him? And where was his body exhumed? Even if they couldn’t answer the first two questions, the police should have told us where the body was exhumed. Instead, it was the victims’ relatives who witnessed the excavation that provided us with vivid details about the excavation. They said he was buried near the hotel and wrapped in one of the hotel clothes. They added that his throat had been slashed and something had been removed from his body.

Adeniyi Aderogba, Hilton Hotel Manager, Ile-Ife on Thursday described how Timothy Adegoke’s body was dumped in the bushes on Ile-Ife-Ede Road. Aderogba said the incident happened between 11 p.m. and 12 p.m. on November 7, 2021.

Adegoke, a graduate student at Obafemi Awolowo University, went missing after staying at the Hilton in November 2021. After his family raised the alarm, police began an investigation, which led to his arrest. hotel owner, Ramon Adedoyin and six others. workers. However, the hotel’s CEO, Raheem Adedoyin, is on the run.

Aderogba, the third defendant, was given evidence by lawyer Roland Otaru (SAN). He said that Raheem Adedoyin informed him that he had informed the police of Timothy Adegoke’s death and that the police had instructed them to take the body to the morgue. He also said that he, Raheem Adedoyin, and Kazeem Oyetunde carried Adegoke’s lifeless body from Room 305 into a Hilux van and that Raheem drove them to Ede Road, where they dumped the body along with laptops , the late Adegoke’s cell phone and handbag. . But during the cross-examination, Mr. MO Omosun, who holds Mr. Femi Falana’s brief (SAN) for the prosecution, asked Aderogba if Adegoke’s body was disposed of like a morgue. He replied in the negative.

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Aderogba, who said he confirmed that Adegoke was dead, was asked if he would call a doctor to confirm death. He replied in the negative. He also said that he did not report Adegoke’s death to the police. However, he admitted that he called Dr Ramon Adedoyin (hotel owner) to inform him of Adegoke’s death.

The CCTV of Timothy Adegoke

Mr. Omosun further asked if he had seen blood coming out of the deceased’s nose during the autopsy. When he denied seeing it, the lawyer asked him to read his testimony to the police, where he said that when he visited Room 305, he saw Adegoke’s body with Blood flowed from his nose. Through cross-examination, Aderogba also admitted that the CCTV in the hotel was disconnected by Raheem Adedoyin after Adegoke’s death.

Aderogba was asked if the key to Room 305 was electronic or manual, he said it was a manual key. Mr. Omosun asked him to show how he could use the spare key from the outside to open the door that was locked from the inside. At that stage, he said, “I don’t know.”

Aderogba said that the mattress in room 305 had been removed to dry. But his attention was drawn to his statement, where he wrote that “we took the mattress (sic) out of the room and burned it.”

Another defendant, Oyerinde Kazeem, who also gave evidence for himself, admitted that he was involved in the evacuation and dumped Adegoke’s body in the bushes. Kazeem, who gave the impression that Raheem was the only one carrying Adegoke’s body from Room 305 to the car, admitted that “we dumped the body in the bushes on Ede Road”.

The hotel receptionist, Magdalena Chiefuna, told the court that the hotel management had asked all staff to delete the photos taken on their phones after the victim’s body was found.

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Chiefuna said hotel staff had sworn not to reveal what had happened in relation to Adegoke’s death. She also told the Osun State Supreme Court on Wednesday that no doctor was called and the police were not notified of the discovery of the deceased’s body.

Biography, Wife, Age of Timothy Adegoke

Timothy Adegoke, a master’s student at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun State, is believed to have been killed inside the Hilton Hotel and Resort.

Bola Adegoke, widow of Timothy Adegoke, an MBA student at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) found dead in Osun state, said her late husband was planning to move the family abroad because of his condition Increased instability in Nigeria.

Bola said Timothy’s untimely death prevented him from realizing his dream.

She told FIJ: “He said he would move me, his children and his parents abroad while he would stay in the country. “His parents sent him to school with the proceeds of farming, and he prevented them from going to the farm.”

The mother of three suggested that Rahmon Adedoyin, the owner of the hotel where Timothy was killed and the prime suspect in the murder, may have been transferred to police headquarters in Abuja because he was given preferential treatment while in custody. by the Osun State Police Command.

Timothy Adegoke & Rahman Adedoyin Case Update

Where is Adedoyin now? Rahmon Adedoyin was arrested in November 2021 following the death of Adegoke Timothy at the Hilton hotel he founded. He was denied bail but was allowed access to medical facilities of his choice pending his trial. On May 30, 2023, the Court found Rahmon guilty of murder and sentenced him to death by hanging.

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